Watch: Arrogant Taxi Driver Refuses to Give P20 Fare Change, Goes Beast Mode (Video)

An arrogant taxi driver refused to give his male passenger his P20 change to his fare. But before that, he told his passenger to pay him P150 fare, instead of using the taxi meter. But because the passenger didn’t agree, the taxi driver went beast mode and even challenge him to a fist fight. It’s good that everything was captured on video, which you can watch below.

According to a Facebook post by a certain Alvin Sevilla on Sunday, February 28, 2016, he rode a JOMARITZ transit taxi from Baclaran to NAIA terminal 1. The taxi driver immediately asked him to just pay him P150 for the fare, telling Sevilla that he will not be able to get a passenger once they reach the destination. Alvin said he insisted that the ‘contractor’ driver use the taxi meter.

Sevilla said that the driver had no choice but to turn on the taxi meter. Nevertheless, he said the driver was obviously pissed off. The netizen said that the meter reads P61.00 when they reached the destination. He said he gave the driver a P1,000-bill, and told him that he is willing to pay P80, or P19 higher than the supposed fare. However, the driver said it should be P100.

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But because Alvin felt that it would be too much, he told the driver to give him P920 instead of P900 only. He added that the fare should be even less than P10, as a flag-down rate roll back implemented by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) in March 2015. However, the taxi driver arrogantly told him that it has now been lifted, which is not true.

The beast mode taxi driver then cursed, and even blamed the high gas price. He also told Sevilla not to ride his taxi again, and angrily gave him the P20 change. As he left the taxi, Sevilla couldn’t control his patience and cursed at the driver, and told him not to stop driving his taxi. The taxi driver got off his cab and challenge him to a fist fight, but Sevilla continued walking.

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Warning: The video contains some explicit language that may not be suited for young audience.

Isang mapagsamantalang taxi driver.. galit na galit si taxi driver dahil hnd nya ngawa ang kanyang…

Posted by Alvin Sevilla on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Although Sevilla was not able to identify the plate number of the said taxi, he said that the name of the taxi driver is Arnold Tabut Agron, with driver’s license # D04 94078993. He noted the Agron didn’t realize that his modus operandi was caught on video, emphasizing that this is not about money, but the arrogance of the driver and his plan to take advantage of him.



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