Watch: Arrogant Man Scolds Woman for Taking Too Long at ATM, Threatens to Slap Her (Video)

An arrogant man was caught on video yelling and scolding a woman who appears to be taking too long using the ATM. And worst of all, the man started to be racist. It remains unknown as to when it happened. But according to the caption, it happened in Singapore. Warning: The video contains foul language, and is not suitable for young audience.

“Hello! What are you doing?! I’m losing my patience with you. You don’t know how to operate this machine, get out and let other people use it. You are being f**king inconsiderate!” The man (allegedly Chinese) next to her was heard saying on the viral video, which was uploaded at Wak Ali Facebook page this Friday, February 3.

“Where did you come from? Which country are you from? You come to Singapore, you behave yourself. What the f**k you think it is? You cannot behave yourself, you go home! Do you understand that?” The man added, as the poor woman also lost her patience and answered back at him. They started to shout at each other, and the man threatened her.

“Do you want a slap?” The arrogant man asked the woman, and she dared him to do it. And although the man did not slap her, he insisted that she get out and go home. Shortly, the woman decided to give way to the man, who continues to curse at her and told her to go home. As you can see, the other people in line did not attempt to help the woman.

Admit it, you also hate waiting for your turn in a long line of people wanting to use the ATM, especially when the person before you brought several ATM cards. But of course, the beast mode man on the video is not acceptable. If you think a person is having a hard time using the ATM, the best thing to do is to assist him, regardless of race and religion.