Watch: Anthony Taberna’s Ka Tunying’s Cafe Shooting Caught on CCTV (Video)

Anthony Taberna Ka Tunying Cafe shooting

Two men fired multiple shots at Ka Tunying’s Cafe, the newly-opened coffee shop of ABS-CBN news anchor Anthony Taberna, this Friday, August 28. The establishment is located at Visayas Avenue in Barangay Vasta, Quezon City and the whole incident was caught on CCTV video, which you can watch below. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

According to a report by ABS-CBN DZMM reporter Johnson Manabat, the shooting incident happened at around 2 am (CCTV video shows 1:23 am). As you can see on the video, each of the two armed men rode behind two different motorcycles afterwards and the two sets of ‘riding in tandem’ immediately left. Local authorities found 15 pcs.of .45 bullet shells from the scene.

That time, no one is inside the Ka Tunying’s Cafe except for the assigned security guard who decided to hide at the post because of the raining bullets and he was apparently outnumbered. Initial investigation revealed that shortly before the incident, the suspects asked the security guard of a nearby establishment if he is armed. The latter said, “No.”

It was also learned that the said coffee shop opened last Friday, or exactly a week ago. In fact, some of its materials or items are not yet on their designated places. In an interview by Kabayan Noli de Castro to Anthony Taberna, the latter said almost two magazines of bullets were fired at his cafe, and that the glass window at the front was badly hit.

Although the police has yet to do a thorough investigation, Taberna said he doubt that the motive is related to his business. The ABS-CBN news anchor added the shooting not be intended to hurt anyone because of the time of the incident. He noted that his security guard seems to be lucky because he was not at the exact area where the shots were fired.



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