Watch and Beware: New Siksik-Kiki Modus Operandi in Stores Caught on CCTV (Video)

If you are an owner or cashier of a store or carinderia, beware of this woman doing the so-called Siksik-Kiki modus operandi. At first, you can see her paying for the food she ate inside a carinderia (small eatery). But when she received the change (sukli), she did something magical that was caught on the carinderia’s CCTV. Watch the video below very carefully.

As posted at Kupal Lord Facebook page this Thursday, November 12, 2015, the incident happened on November 3, at around 10 pm and the location of the carinderia was not mentioned. The CCTV video has no audio, but you can clearly see that the customer intentionally fooled the lady owner. Her husband was then busy taking care of their child.

As you can see, the chubby lady customer looks decent and is wearing eyeglasses. She was carrying a brown handbag and a small pink bag, and had just finished her food when the owner went to her to get her payment. The owner went to her table to get some money, and counted the change before giving it to the customer. But watch what happened at 0:54.

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As the poor owner turned her head to do other jobs, the lady customer quickly inserted a paper bill inside her shorts. You may also notice that the latter placed her pink bag on top of the table apparently to cover her unscrupulous act. The culprit immediately told the owner that she didn’t give her enough change, and counted it in front of her to prove that she’s right.

The poor owner somehow got confused and counted the change again. After knowing that it is not enough, she check the money that was left on the cashier box and seemed to be sure that her change was correct. She was assisted by her husband, and the suspect smiled and acted innocently. The helpless owner gave the Siksik-Kiki woman an additional change, and the latter left.

In a comment on that post, Kupal Lord said that the suspect’s mother sent him a private message, requesting him to delete the video. The mother said her daughter is a student, and because the video went viral on Facebook, her daughter cannot go to school because of shame. The shocking part? The mother said her daughter did it only because of ‘trip.’

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SIKSIK-KIKI MODUS OPERNDISIKSIK-KIKI MODUS OPERANDIMag-ingat po sa modus na ito, sa sobrang kapal ng mukha ni ate kahit ano gagawin makapanglamang lang ng tao. Nagbayad ng kinain nya nung sinuklian na siya ng tindera, Kulang daw ito. Panoorin kung paano nangyari.Pasikatin natin si ateng siksik-kiki. hahaha

Posted by Kupal Lord on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Siksik Kiki Modus comment

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We at TN condemn all illegal acts and will not tolerate anyone maltreating and taking advantage of other people. Although the suspect may have only taken a small amount, it’s not an excuse. Besides, we all know that carinderia owners don’t earn that much. Therefore, we think that this woman should personally apologize to her victim and suffer the consequences.