Watch and Beware: Budol Budol Gang Woman Member Inside Robinsons Caught on Camera (Video)

The woman on the video is clearly a Budol-Budol gang member, who tried to victimize a teenage girl inside Robinsons. Watch, beware and share. In case you’re still not aware, Budol Budol gang is a group of thieves with different modus operandi. Many victims claim that they were hypnotized by strangers, who looks innocent and trustworthy. But generally speaking, it is more of victims earning trust in a very short period of time from strangers.

According to Shamie Caguitla, who posted the video on her Facebook page this Monday, October 26, 2015, she was inside Robinsons Place in Pala Pala, in Dasmariñas, Cavite when the incident happened. Shamie said a woman approached her politely and said that her family is in Cotabato. The suspect then requested Shamie to take pictures of her using her phone.

Shamie, who is only 19 years old based on her Facebook page, added after taking pictures, the suspect asked her if she can see them. At first, the supposed victim said that the woman talked to her as if they have known each other for so long time. But shortly, the Budol Budol gang girl member seemed to get mad at Shamie and started to talk mysteriously.

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As you can hear on the video, the woman later accused Shamie of stealing the phone from her and demanded her to return it to her, or at least give her P100 a week. You can also hear Shamie insisting that the phone is her and that she has a receipt to prove that she bought it. However, the suspect told her she’s lying and threatened her if she will not give it back.

The stranger, who appears to be unaware that Shamie is taking video of her, starts to raise her voice. But being a brave girl, Shamie tries to keep her composure despite getting nervous. With her clear presence of mind, she told the woman that she will leave the table and will call her companion. The suspect said she will call the security guard, and she left.

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Judging the video alone, you can see that the woman is really a member of Budol Budol gang. But because Shamie was brave enough, the suspect was not able to get what she wants. However, the scene is quite scary even if there are a lot of people around because we all know that this type of modus operandi is not being performed by a single person.

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Shamie Budol budol gang woman Robinsons

Credit: Shamie Caguitla Facebook

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We at TN condemn this kind of act, and we are requesting you to share the video so this woman be caught as soon as possible. We are also suggesting that you (especially teenagers and elderly people) to be very careful when you are along in public places, including malls. As much as possible, don’t walk alone and be very cautious when dealing with strangers.

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And to this Budol Budol gang girl member, we strongly suggest that you surrender. We believe that you can still find a decent way of making money, instead of fooling people and stealing from them. With this video now going viral, the authorities can easily catch you. And just like Heneral Luna said, “Hulihin niyo na nga yan, nauubusan na ako ng Ingles. Punyeta!”

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