Watch: AlDub Love Team Predicted by Ryzza Mae Dizon Back in 2014 (Video)

Yes, Ryzza Mae Dizon predicted the arrival of the phenomenal AlDub love team a year before Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) was discovered by Eat Bulaga. The child wonder made her prediction on AlDub when Alden Richards was a guest on her show, back in September 2014. Watch the video of Ryzza Mae’s interview to Alden below.

As you can see, Alden Richards appeared on ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ and acted as going for the audition of talent search show “Bet ng Bayan,” where Alden himself is one of the hosts. On the other hand, Ryzza Mae acted as the interviewer, and asked Alden some personal questions which the latter shyly answered.

Ryzza Mae asked Alden where he lives, and he said he’s from Sta. Rosa, Laguna. When asked about his age, the Kapuso heartthrob said he is 22. Later, the child wonder asked him if he has a girlfriend. Alden felt awkward, and asked Ryzza Mae if the question is really important. Nevertheless, Alden said he is single and has no girlfriend.

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Later, Ryzza Mae asked Alden his cellphone number and the qualities of a girl he is looking for.

“Marami po, basta mabait tsaka marunong mag-alaga.” Alden Richard told Ryzza Mae, joking that he is on a hot seat and not in an interview.

(There are many of them, but she must be kind and knows how to take care of people.)

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“Yaya, gusto mo? (You want a Yaya?)” Ryzza Mae asked Alden, as she laughed with her question. The child host said she thought of asking him this question because he said he wants someone who can take care of him.

“Pwede rin. Kasi gusto ko ng nag-aalaga saka mabait. Yaya,pwede po.” (It’s also possible. Because I want someone kind and can be able to take care of me. Yaya, it’s possible.) Alden replied, who later told Ryzza Mae about his dreams of having a better future for his family.

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Fast forward, July 2015, or almost a year later, Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub was caught on camera smiling when she saw Alden Richards watching her on screen as she does her Dubsmash talent on Eat Bulaga’s ‘Problem Solving’ segment. Since then, their love team has attracted tons of followers, went trending on Twitter, and broke TV rating records.

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