Watch: Al-Jazeera Duterte Documentary and No Holds Barred One-on-one Interview (Full Video)

Al-Jazeera English uploaded a documentary video about Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte this Thursday, April 7, 2016. The one-on-one Duterte interview with Al-Jazeera Asia correspondent Steve Chao was believed to have been conducted in February, and was aired on TV on the last week of March. Watch the full video below.

The 25-minute 101 East Al-Jazeera Duterte documentary film started by showing tons of Filipinos excited to see the tough-talking mayor. On the next scene, some women can be seen taking picture with him. Later, a huge group of Duterte supporters were watching him, as he delivers his speech and promises if he will be elected president.

Steve Chao narrated that Mayor Duterte is being accused of alleged extra judicial killings of criminals in Davao City. Nevertheless, he pointed out the 71-year old presidentiable has cleaned up Davao that was once a very violent city, describing Duterte as a rock star in Philippine politics despite having no position in the national government.

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The Duterte documentary video also showed the mayor’s funny side in his speeches, and cursing at some point to the cheering of the crowd, as well as his kissing to one of his female supporters. During the interview, Duterte told Chao that he do not force the women to kiss him, noting that they are approaching him and wanted to be kissed.

Chao also interviewed notable journalist, Marites Vitug. She said that Duterte is somehow compared to Donald Trump, because he releases shocking statements. Trump is now running for president in the US. Incidentally, the 2016 US presidential election is set on November 8, six months after the Philippine presidential elections.

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Duterte was also mentioned as the first and only city mayor of the Philippines who ordered not to arrest prostitutes. Being the dubbed as the oldest profession, the mayor said he sees prostitution not as a crime. He said it serves as an alternative source of income for women, because there are no enough jobs in the Philippines.

As expected, the video showed Mayor Rody Duterte promising to people that he is giving himself three to six months to end illegal drugs, crimes, and corruption in the government. When Chao asked him how he can do it, Duterte did not give exact details but emphasized that he is only card available to solve all of these problems of the country.

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Interestingly, the video also featured some areas in Davao City and the capabilities of Davao Central 911, a free emergency response center that is being dubbed as the first and the best 24/7 emergency response in the Philippines, and better than some from the richer country in the world. Chao personally witnessed one case and interviewed one of its staff.

To be fair, the Duterte video also featured Clarita Alia, who said her four sons were haunted down one by one and eventually became victims of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), after they were accused of petty crimes. Mayor Duterte consistently denies the existence of the DDS, but he admitted that he already had killed three criminals.

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But despite the cursing at Pope Francis, his admission of being a womanizer, the fear of being a dictator, the possible implementation of Martial Law, and the dislike of many politicians against his proposed federal from of government, Duterte was noted to be a famous presidential candidate, and can bring peace especially in Muslim Mindanao.

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