Watch: ABS-CBN’s Gina Lopez Admits Leaning Towards Duterte for President, Explains Why (Video)

ABS-CBN Foundation Chairperson Regina Paz L. Lopez finally breaks her silence on earlier reports that she is supporting presidential candidacy of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte. As an environmentalist, Ms. Lopez admitted this Friday, April 15, that she is indeed leaning towards Mayor Duterte. Watch her interview video at Headstart below.

Gina Lopez, who is the younger sister of Eugenio Lopez III (Gabby Lopez), the current chairman of ABS-CBN Corporation, has been reported to have endorsed Duterte for president. It started when a certain Ryan Pete Zamora from TADECO Inc. (Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc.) about it on Facebook this Tuesday, April 12.

According to Zamora, he met Gina Lopez during the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change, held at the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila. There, she was one of the speakers, and that she featured Mayor Rody Duterte on her video presentation about cleaning our air. She told the audience that Filipinos need a leader like Duterte.

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“Because you can either have a corrupt politician or you can have a weak politician, and they are both not good. And the reason why I’m leaning towards Duterte because of his gutsiness and ‘tapang’ (courage), and he is against mining and has not allowed any mining in Davao.” Gina Lopez told Karen Davila during the Headstart interview.

“He said in several footages that this (mining) is not good because the people are not benefiting. I have footages, and he is gutsy and ‘matapang’ (brave). And if he doesn’t like something, he’s not gonna do it, and I feel this point in time. And again, this is personal.” Lopez added, whom according to Zamora told him to vote for Duterte.

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“You know, there’s pros and cons, but if you look at Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. I mean, he was like a benevolent dictator. If he didn’t come strong like that, you wouldn’t have a Singapore. I am a dictator in the foundation.” She told Karen, when asked about the allegations that Duterte has a tendency to be a dictator, and may declare Martial Law.

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