Watch: ABS-CBN’s Gabby Lopez Tried to Bribe Me, Duterte Says (Mocha Uson Interview Part 2 Video)

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte slammed ABS-CBN, which he said was unfair to him during the recent elections, and was bias in favor of Liberal Party (LP)’s presidential bet, Mar Roxas. The tough-talking incoming president also revealed that ABS-CBN Chairman and CEO Eugenio ‘Gabby’ López III tried to bribe him once.

In the Part 2 of the Mocha Uson exclusive interview with Duterte, he was asked why he decided to boycott the Philippine media. According to him, the media sensationalizes the news and would make reports that would catch the attention of the public. The incoming president said it was made intentional, and that they call it as ‘slant or angling’ journalism.

To cite an example, Duterte recalled an event in Rotary Club of Makati where local media was present and interviewed him and was asked why he curse in his speeches and interviews. As a response, he said he grew up in a squatters area where people have a habit of cursing, and that somehow he eventually copied their way of talking.

However, he said that when ABS-CBN teleradyo reported the news, Duterte said that the report implied that all he did during the interview was to curse. The incoming president noted that the was just trying to explain his side, and that his cursing that time is part of his explanation. He also explained the three kinds of media in the Philippines.

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According to Duterte, the first type of media in the country is the so-called Crusaders of Truth, where members are not bias and cannot be bought. The second one is the mouthpiece of people with vested interest or PR of personalities that will soften the news. He said that the third one is the group of criminals hiding as journalists.

Duterte blatantly accused ABS-CBN for being bias, noting that the Kapamilya network did not report the entire statement he said. He emphasized that media can easily destroy the reputation of anyone if they really want to by reporting inaccurate news, noting that this is the main reason why he decided not to be interviewed by local media.

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Later, Duterte recalled an incident when he was stiil the mayor of Davao City. He said that ABS-CBN then wanted its cable network Skycable to have a branch in the city, adding that Gabby Lopez (who is also the CEO of Skycable) along with some ABS-CBN people went to see him in a hotel and showed him their application form for business.

Duterte told Mocha Uson that Lopez offered him two choices: to buy a share of Skycable or to receive money from him. He said that Lopez told him that the owners of other cable network companies in Davao City are his friends, and this is a problem. Duterte said he told Lopez that has nothing to do with his job as the city mayor.

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To prove that he is not being influenced by anyone, Duterte said he immediately signed the Skycable’s business permit in front of Gabby Lopez, and did not receive any single peso from him. The incoming president said he also learned that Davao City is the only city in the Philippines with Skycable that did not receive bribe money from ABS-CBN.



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