Watch: 7-Months Pregnant Woman Caught Using Shabu, Says It Has No Bad Effect on Baby (Video)

A pregnant woman and her husband were both caught in the act using shabu, along with other drug users in Pasig City this Friday, September 9 in a surveillance video. But as scary as it is, Alma Castaneda, who is 7-months pregnant with her 7th child, justified her actions, saying that drugs has no negative effect to her baby. Watch GMA-7 news below.

As reported by GMA-7 reporter John Consulta, Alma and her husband, Marcos Castañeda, Jr. did not resist arrest when NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force personnel entered their house in Barangay Pineda. Apparently, the place is also being used as a drug den in front of the six young children of the couple.

According to the NBI, the raid is the result of their two-month surveillance operation in the area. Recovered from them are 5 plastic sachets of suspected shabu and drugs paraphernalia. The pregnant drug suspect denied being also a drug pusher, but her comment when she was asked if she is not worried about the baby inside her womb is very disturbing.

“Hindi po, kasi hindi lang naman ito ang pinagbuntis ko na (gumagamit ako ng shabu)…Pampagana lang po. (No, because this is not my first pregnancy that I have been using shabu. )” Castañeda said with confidence, with her eyes open wide suggesting that the effect drugs is inside her system. Nevertheless, another shocking scenario was revealed.

“The daughter of this couple is being molested by some patrons of the said drug den, and that is very revolting.”Atty Joel Tovera, the chief of NBI’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Division told reporters. Nevertheless, the pregnant drug user categorically denied it. Meanwhile, authorities are now thinking of turning over the suspect’s children to the DWSD.