Watch: 7 Countries That US is Now Bombing Killing Innocent People, And You Don’t Know About Them (Video)

The US government has been questioning President Rodrigo Duterte in the issue to EJK (extrajudicial killings) in the Philippines, over his very strong campaign against illegal drugs. Allegedly, human rights have been violated. But watch the video below that explains to us the countries that US is now bombing, and thousands of innocent people die.

“In most countries, the citizens know who they’re at war with. But here in the United States, it’s sometimes a little difficult to keep track of who we’re bombing at any given moment.” Nando Vila said on his video via Fusion. He later asked some Americans to how many countries that US is currently bombing, but none of them has given the right answer.

“In fact, we’re currently bombing 7 different countries.” Vila added, noting that the so-called terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has been a common topic during debates between the two US presidential candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This follows therefore that the US-led forces are now bombing both Iraq and Syria.

As Vila has explained further, half of the 22 million people in Syria have either been killed or displaced. And because there are a lot of groups fighting in Syria, it becomes difficult to know as to who really killed who. A civil war in Syria started back in 2011, and the US has been sending forces since September 2014, to intervene and hunt down the ISIS group.

On the other hand, US has been dropping bombs at Iraq on and off since January 1991, or 25 years ago. That time, then President George H.W. Bush announced the Operation Desert Storm. Dubbed as the first Gulf War, the purpose is to drive the forces of Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. And yes, President Barack Obama is still ordering bombing at Iraq.

And yes, the US has also been bombing Afghanistan since 2001 as a response to the 9/11 terror attack. Back in May 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed by the US Navy SEALs. A partial withdrawal of the US forces was made in May 2014, but attacks began again in January 2015, until now. US is also bombing Pakistan to hunt the Taliban and Al-qaeda.

Meanwhile, US bombed Yeman early this month (October). And yes, US has been bombing Libya again apparently because the ISIS came in after the death of Muammar Gaddafi. Last but definitely not the least, US is also sending bombs to Somalia, apparently to eliminate Al-Shabaab. Now, can you guess how many innocent lives are being lost in these 7 countries?