Watch: 60 Minutes Australia on Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines, Bias Report? (Full Video)

Liam Bartlett of 60 Minutes Australia documented the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. The Australian news reported interviewed Human rights campaigner, Cookie Diokno, who compared the scenario to the time of Martial Law under Marcos administration. However, many netizens believe that the report is bias. Watch full video below.

As featured at 60 Minutes Australia Facebook page this Sunday, August 21, Liam Bartlett spent a week in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila. And although the video is short, it highlighted the intensified fight of the PNP (Philippine National Police) against illegal drugs, as strictly ordered by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

“If you think Donald Trump’s a bit out there, get used to the name Rodrigo Duterte because we guarantee you’ll be hearing it a lot more. He is the Dirty Harry of the Philippines who has just been elected its President. Duterte blitzed his opponents by campaigning for zero tolerance on crime.” Liam Bartlett said as an introduction to his report.

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“Not only is he offering cash rewards to any Filipino who murders a drug dealer, his proud boast is that within six months he will have rounded up and killed one hundred thousand criminals, and dumped their bodies in Manila Bay.” Bartlett added, who also interviewed PNP Chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa about the extrajudicial killings.

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“Murderer? It is very unfortunate if people from the outside world (outside the Philippines) are looking at us as murderers, very unfortunate because most of the Filipinos love what we are doing.” PNP chief Bato dela Rosa replied, when he was asked about his opinion that he and the president are being portrayed around the world as murderers, especially by human rights groups.

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At that time, Liam Bartlett said that are around 11 deaths a day related to illegal drugs, just 6 weeks after President Duterte took his oath, and that the total death is 940 and is rising fast. The Australian reporter also featured a mass where a Catholic priest condemned the extrajudicial killings, and later asked Cookie Diokno about her opinion on this issue.

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According to Diokno, she is more angry than being sad, noting that many Filipinos are now scared because they feel that they could be the next victim of extrajudicial killings just because they look like a drug addict or pusher. But then, many netizens accused Bartlett of bias reporting because he did not consider the lives saved by fighting illegal drugs.