Watch: 5 Mistakes in Probinsyano ‘Hector vs Cardo’ Fight, Car Chase Scenes (Video)

Finally, the much-awaited encounter between PO3 Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay and his toughest nemesis so far, Police Insp. Hector Mercurio happened. But while the ‘Hector vs Cardo‘ fight and car chase scenes gained a lot of praises from televiewers and netizens, especially from the Kapamilya fans, we noticed some mistakes. Watch the videos below.

And yes, we are referring to FPJ’s ‘Ang Probinsyano’ which stars Coco Martin, playing the role of Dailsay, an honest to goodness cop. On the other hand, Cesar Montano plays the role of Hector, a former member of PNP’s Special Action Force (SAF) and became Cardo’s friend. Without further ado, here are the five errors you might have missed.

#1 Cardo shot Hector despite Marie’s presence

The heart-pounding action between Hector and Cardo started when the latter show Hector on the stairs with Marie (played by Meg Imperial). But probably because of his anger, Cardo immediately shot Hector even if Marie is near Hector, and could accidentally be hit. Therefore, we think that what Cardo did is against the rule of engagement of the PNP.

#2 Hector did not really need to go upstairs

While the chasing of Cardo to Hector at the stairs is an added attraction to the action scenes, we think that it is quite illogical for a SAF member to think of climbing up the stairs up to the rooftop of the apartment just to escape. Instead, Hector can hold Marie as hostage so that he can easily go away. Nevertheless, Cardo’s fall was exciting to watch.

#3 Hector and Cardo did not hit each other

It’s quite hard to count how many gunshots fired by Hector and Cardo to each other. But knowing that they are both SAF members, we can assume that they are good shooters. Therefore, it wonders us that not even a single bullet hit either of the two. And mind you, there were some scenes where they fired at each other with no cover at all whatsoever.

#4 Vehicles of Hector and Cardo have no bullet holes

We can forgive Hector and Cardo not hitting each other. But in case you did not notice, there was no single bullet hole in their vehicles during the car chase. This means that they did nott hit each other’s car despite their multiple gunshots. Well, not really. Cardo was able to hit the tires of Hector’s car which made it stumble on the road. Or was he just lucky?

#5 Hector is wearing a magic cap

Yes, Hector is wearing a magic cap. Since Hector saw Marie after following her, he was already wearing a black cap. You can see it during the stair chasing scene, fight scene, and during the car chase scene. But if you look closer when Cardo was saving him from the wrecked car, Hector’s cap went missing then back to his head again. E di wow! 🙂

Hector vs Cardo Fight Scenes

Hector vs Cardo Car Chase Scenes

But before you hate us, please allow us to explain first. We listed the errors during the ‘Hector vs Cardo’ scenes not because we are insulting the show. We did it as a constructive criticism. You see, we miss action scenes like this. We all know that there are no more actions films as compared to the 80s and 90s. Thanks to the piracy industry! 🙁

With that, we salute ABS-CBN for bringing ‘Ang Probinsyano’ on TV. If only Fernando Poe Jr is still alive today, we are sure that he will be happy to see one of his masterpieces as remake via small screen. We also congratulate the writers, crew and the entire cast not only for the drama and action, but also for the lessons being taught in every episode.

No wonder, PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa is also following the show, and even granted Coco Martin’s request to meet him in person.