Watch: 4 Overtimes, 3 Buzzer Beaters in the Most Exciting HS Basketball Game (Video)

Yes, a high school basketball game ended with 3 buzzer-beaters and 4 overtimes (OT). The classical match happened last Thursday, March 2, 2016 between Waseca High School and Marshall High School in Saint Peter, Minnesota, USA. And yes, the real excitement of the game began just before the normal playing time ended, after the first buzzer-beater which led to an overtime. Watch the highlights on the video below.

According to the New York Times, Waseca High School is leading the game (72-69) with only 3 seconds left on the ball game. But for a miraculous reason, a free throw shot by Cole Streich of the Waseca Bluejays, and Trey Lance of the Marshall Tigers made a 3-point buzzer-beater which led to Overtime No.1. The fans of the Tigers went wild as another four minutes were added to their play time.

As the players of both teams go toe-to-toe, Waseca star player Nick Dufault got fouled and scored 2 points from the free-throw line to tie the game at 81-all, with only 7 seconds remaining on the game clock. Time seemed to have ran out fast, and both teams scored 9 points each, tying the game that lead to the second overtime. But no one would ever imagine that the game will be more exciting to watch.

As the breathtaking Minnesota state tournament continues, both teams scored only 6 points each, ending Overtime # 2 at 87-all. Nevertheless, the third overtime ended with the second buzzer-beater of the ball game. With only 1.7 seconds, Marshall Tigers is leading by 3. But thanks to Dufault (the team coach’s nephew), who made a desperate shot from about 80 feet away from the basket, and scores!

As the fourth overtime of the game started with the score of 98-98, the fans got even wilder when the score was tied at 95-all with only 30 seconds left. Streich, who earlier missed a free throw-shot, became the hero of night. He completed the third buzzer-beater of the game via a 3-point shot, which made Waseca Bluejays win the game, 103-100. Very historical and really magical game!!!