Watch: 2016 Olympics Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling Defends Pinay Nanny From Pinoy Bashers (Video)

2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling breaks his silence on the negative comments against his Filipina nanny, Auntie Yolly Pascual who is allegedly using his popularity for her own sake only. Watch the Joseph Schooling and Auntie Yolly interview with Jessica Soho via GMA-7s “State of the Nation” this Tuesday night, August 17 on the video below.

On the first part of the interview, Jessica Soho asked Joseph Schooling about his reactions after he beat American swimmer Michael Phelps, whom he considers as his idol. As we all know, Michael Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly finals in the 2016 Rio Olympics. with the time of 50.39 seconds. This is the very first Olympic medal for Singapore.

Later, Joseph Schooling talked about her Auntie Yolly whom he said he considers as his second mother. The 21-year old Singaporean swimmer added that she took good care of him when her mother is at work, and that he is disappointed when he read comments from Filipino netizens, saying that his Filipina nanny is just riding with his fame and success.

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“You know, I think whoever sad that should be shot. That’s stupid. You know that really pissed me off. That’s not true at all. So, I just have to go out publicly to say that it’s not true. Auntie Yolly is like my mom,” Joseph Schooling told Jessica Soho during the interview. His Pinay nanny sits beside him and also defended herself against Pinoy bashers.

“Actually po, as a maid or as a nanny as you may call, I’ve been reading a lot of bad comments po sa mga other posts. I just want to say, I came here to work as a nanny or as a maid, but I found it or I know, it’s a decent job and everybody, in any way, even those white-collar jobs, they have their own bosses, isn’t it?” Yolly Pascual said, who is a college undergraduate from Cagayan Valley.