Watch: 2 New Mitsubishi Montero Sudden Unintended Acceleration Incidents? (Video)

Here are 2 latest alleged incidents of Mitsubishi Montero Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA), wherein one of the supposed victim is a retired general and was caught on CCTV video. Nevertheless, both of them claim that everything happened too fast, and that their vehicles seemed to have its mind of its own. Watch the news video below, and judge for yourself.

As reported at TV Patrol this Thursday, February 18, 2016, Ret. Philippine Army General Buenaventura Tabo was trying to leave the parking lot of St. Vincent General Hospital in Marikina, when the alleged Montero SUA incident happened. As you can see on the CCTV video, his Mitsubishi Montero suddenly moved backwards and emitting black smoke.

Shortly, the vehicle suddenly moved forward and hit four other parked vehicles. TV Patrol news reporter Dominic Almelor noted that the brake lights is on when the Montero accelerated. According to General Tabo, he is wondering why his vehicle moved backwards despite the fact that he is in the ‘drive’ mode. There was also skid marks, proving that he stepped on the brakes.

Meanwhile, a businessman named Johnny Ko of Taguig City claimed that he encountered similar experience with his Mitsubishi Montero. According to him, his vehicle suddenly moved backwards and his another vehicle, claiming that his Montero suddenly moved forwards and wouldn’t stop no matter how hard he stepped on the brakes, and hit 2 other vehicles in front.

Mr. Ko said he is among those who don’t believe in the so-called Montero SUA until it happened to him. However, he decided not to bring his vehicle to the dealership because he thinks that he will be told that the incident is caused by human error. He also suggested that an independent party should be the one to conduct an investigation, so there will be no bias.

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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) said they have already finished the investigation on the case of General Tabo, and that they have a meeting with him to discuss the result. The company noted that they are still waiting for Mr. Ko’s approval so that his vehicle will be evaluated. The car manufacturer has been saying that there is no problem with their Montero.



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