Wanted: Uploader of Edited 2015 Video of Duterte and Mugstoria Artist, Who Became Victim of Cyberbullying

Mugstoria is now seeking the help of their lawyers and local authorities in tracking down the uploader of the malicious and edited version of the 2015 video of then-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and a young female artist, who was seen holding hands with Duterte. Since the video was uploaded, the young lady has been a victim of cyberbullying.

According to Mugstoria founder Jonji Y. Gonzales on his Facebook post this Tuesday, March 14, the group condemns in the strongest terms the improper use of their behind-the-scenes (BTS) video to spread false political propaganda against President Duterte. He did not mention a name, but it appears that he is referring to Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook page.

“President Rodrigo “Hokage”Duterte. Ilang taon na kaya yung girl? Grabe si Tatay Digong. #HokageKing #DuterteLeaks” Reads the cation on the 10-second video clip of Duterte and the Mugstoria female artist, uploaded at Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook page last Sunday, March 12. The two can be seen sitting side by side and holding each other hands.

“The advent of manufactured or “fake” news has been a common practice of the opposition to destroy the name of the President.The vine artist who appeared in the video has already been subjected to cyberbullying after the malicious video was uploaded.” Gonzales added, requesting everyone not to share the video/photo to avoid further harassment to the girl.

“We are now consulting with our lawyers and the authorities to track down the individuals or groups behind this. We at Mugstoria promote the rights of women and even the lgbtq community and we call on the public to condemn the maliciously spliced video and edited photo as it is a clear violation of women’s rights.” The Mugstoria founder further said.

Credit: Jonji Y. Gonzales Facebook

We at Taho News watched the video, and we think it was just made out of fun and that Mayor Duterte has no intention of taking advantage of the girl. We saw the earlier posts at Pinoy Ako Blog Facebook page, and it appears that the bloggers behind it and their supporters are anti-Duterte. As of posting, the malicious edited video has not yet been removed.