VP Leni Robredo Describes Herself as Unifying Voice of Opposition, But Not to Oust President Duterte

Vice President Leni Robredo described herself this Thursday, December 8 as the unifying voice of all the people who are opposing the decisions of President Rodrigo Duterte. And although she vowed to be very vocal about being an opposition leader, VP Robredo emphasized that she has no plans to oust President Duterte from office and replace him.

“I think there’s not one person bringing all of us together and so I think that would be who I want to be in the next few days: to be the unifying voice of all those who have expressed either disgust or opposition to the policies of this administration,” VP Robredo said at the Meet the Inquirer Multimedia forum, four days after she resigned from the Duterte cabinet.

“I think the challenge now is how do we encourage people to come out and not to be afraid to voice their opposition. To me, it is important that I show that I’m not afraid. It is important to me that for the things I truly believe in, it is worth all the risk. It is worth the sacrifice that we are taking,” The vice president added, noting that she might also join protest rallies.

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In addition, VP Robredo criticized the House for ‘rushing’ the passage of the restoration of capital punishment in the country. The House justice committee passed House Bill (HB) 1, or the death penalty bill on its first reading last Wednesday, with a vote of 12-6-1. According to the vice president, it was approved because the opposition’s voice was not loud enough.

Nevertheless, Robredo said she believes that the president is willing to listen to the people. She stressed out that voicing out the issues will be constructive opposition, and that it was never her dream to become the next president. Likewise, the Liberal Party (LP) has been consistent in announcing that there is no plan to impeach President Duterte.



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