VP Binay Threatens Police During Tension at Makati City Hall, Official Says (Video)

Tensions occurred outside at the Makati City Hall on Monday night, June 29, 2015, after the Ombudsman issued the second suspension order against Makati Mayor Junjun Binay. His father, VP Jejomar Binay went to the area, and a top police official said that the vice president assaulted and threatened him that night.

As shown in video below in a report by GMA News, Binay supporters are throwing chairs and bottles at the policemen on early Tuesday. The policemen protected themselves with their shields. That time, the authorities form a barricade in front of the building to prevent the people to stop the serving of the suspension order to Mayor Junjun Binay.

At around 11 pm that night, VP Jejomar Binay arrived and had a heated argument with Senior Superintendent Elmer Jamias, the ground commander of Southern Police District. GMA News captured their confrontation on video, as VP Binay gets angry at Jamias, who explained his side while keeping his composure.

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VP Binay accused Jamias of being being violent to their supporters, but the police officer said they are just there to conduct a checkpoint, and to maintain peace and order. The vice president said he and his camp are willing to fight them, and that there is no need to block the people because none of them is causing trouble.

Jamias told VP Binay that he respects him as the vice president, and the latter said he also respects the police official. But apparently, something allegedly happened afterwards which was not captured on camera. Senior Superintendent Elmer Jamias said in several interviews that VP Binay assaulted and threatened him.

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“Last night, I did not expect that Vice President Binay would arrive to confront me and berate as a lawman. But the opposite happened. I only got berated and threatened. Later, he turned to my men whom he collared and attacked.” Jamias was quoted at Inquirer, adding that he and his team plan to file a case against him. He also said the same thing in an interview by ABS-CBN’s ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ this Tuesday morning.

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On the other hand, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas had a press conference in Camp Aquinaldo this Tuesday. He challenged Makati Mayor Junjun Binay to step down, emphasizing that they are just following orders from the Ombudsman and that there is no politics involved.

Mayor Binay is being charged with graft and corruption related to alleged anomalies during the improved construction of the Makati City Science High School. During the entire confrontation, the younger Binay has been locked inside the Makati City Hall. On Tuesday morning, he issued a petition to the Court of Appeals over the suspension order against him.

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