Viral Photo of Baby Tied Like a Dog: Is Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco the Real Mother?

Baby tied like a dog Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco Facebook

A photo of a baby tied like a dog is now going viral on Facebook. It was uploaded by a certain Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, who is being assumed to be the mother of the baby. Obviously, netizens were outraged and shared the said photo. But is Ayra really the mother of that baby? Let’s investigate further.

The said baby photo was reported at TV Patrol this Monday, May 25. Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman said that it was a clear case of Child Abuse and that they are now conducting a thorough investigation on this matter. She even asked the public to help find the mother.

Just like any normal human being, we at TN are also mad to whoever did this to the baby. But unlike netizens who immediately believe and react in everything they see on social media without doing any research, we traced back the original photo and analyzed the details without being emotional and judging anyone.

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As you can see the photo that went viral, it is clearly mentioned that it was uploaded 8 hours ago. And although there was date mentioned, we can be sure that it was not uploaded today. But when we visited the Facebook account of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco, we saw the same photo (the one on the right), uploaded 6 hours ago, today Tuesday, May 26. Can we conclude that Ayra deleted the photo and uploaded it again?

It is worth mentioning that we found five Facebook accounts using the name of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco. The profile photo of the first one is a photo during a wedding reception and has names Keno and Ayra on the background. It can be assumed that the wedding took place in December 2012, the date the page was last updated. It’s hard to tell if the Ayra on the photo is the same Ayra that uploaded the viral baby photo.

The second Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco Facebook page mentions that she is from Manila and works at at AquaBest Water Refilling Station. Thirty minutes ago, this page was updated with the sentence, “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.” As expected, it is earning tons of comments, criticizing her with bad words.

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Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco FB accounts

The third one is where we found the baby photo in question. It has no other information except that Ayra was mentioned as an artist. However, this page has the same profile photo of the second page. The first and second Facebook pages bear the same school – Orani High School.

The fourth one has been deleted, so we suspected that this is the one where the viral baby photo was first posted. The fifth one has exactly the same content of the third one. The second, third and fifth Facebook accounts are newly created. The second one was probably created yesterday, while the third and fifth was created only this morning. We can assume that all those accounts have only one owner.

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Now, can we conclude that Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco is the real mother of the baby tied like a dog? Is the photo of the woman really her? If so, why did she add more accounts instead of deleting the page where the baby photo in question is posted? Is she crazy? Or is someone only using Ayra’s name and photo to destroy her reputation?

We are still waiting for the result of the investigation of the DSWD. Nevertheless, we truly believe that the person who tied a leash to the baby has a psychological problem, and that the baby should be temporarily taken away from her as soon as possible until she learns how to be a good mother. Otherwise, she does not deserve to have a child.



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