Vice Ganda Gives Advice to Man Cheated by Wife but Still Wants her Back (Video)

Showtime Vice Ganda advice man cheated by wife

I must admit, I’m not a fan of Vice Ganda’s jokes. You can call me ‘pusong mamon’ but I really don’t think that humiliating people just for fun is not really funny at all. And yes, I also don’t watch “Showtime.” But here’s a recent episode where I saw Vice Ganda giving advice to a man who was cheated by his wife.

In It’s Showtime’s “AdVice Ganda” (which is by the way almost the same as Eat Bulaga’s ‘Problem Solving) last Tuesday, a man from Malabon told Vice Ganda that he has married for five years and they have two children. But three years ago, his wife left him for another man whom she met while working on a fish port, also in Malabon.

At first, Vice Ganda cracked some jokes on the issue. But shortly, the scene became serious when the man asks the comedian for some advice. The man wants to hear the opinion of Vice Ganda on what he should do if his wife returns to him – should he still accept her or not? Vice Ganda could not help but to hug the poor man.

And just like me and anyone watching the video, Vice Ganda noticed the sadness in the eyes of the man. So, instead of answering yes or no, the comedian presented three important questions. Does the man expect his wife to return to him? Does the wife really plan to come back? Is she showing signs of coming back?

The man said he and his wife never fought about the issue and that she simply left him without a warning. Nevertheless, the advice of Vice Ganda struck my inner soul. This is the first time that I heard him being serious in his words. I can feel that deep inside his heart, he wants to help the man without insulting him.

“Gusto kong sabihin sa iyo na maraming pwedeng gawin sa buhay bukod sa pag-aantay. Kasi baka mula nang iniwan ka ng asawa mo, ginugol mo na lang ang lahat ng oras mo sa pag-aantay. Baka ang dami mong bagay na napapabayaan dahil ang utak mo ay nanatili pa ring nag-aantay.” Vice Ganda said to the man.

(I want to tell you that there are many other things to do other than waiting. It could be that since your wife left you, you didn’t do anything but to spend your life waiting. It could be that you have been neglecting other things simply because your brain is always busy waiting (for your wife to return)).

On the latter part, Vice Ganda felt that the man still loves his wife although the man says he just wants their children to have their mother back. The comedian said that no matter how much you love someone, it’s useless if that someone does not love you anymore. In the end, you can feel that the man really wants his wife back.

Again, I’m not a fan of Vice Ganda’s jokes and I don’t think I will be. But in this case, I admire him for using the right words. Yes, he’s right. Sometimes, there are things beyond our control. There are things that we like to happen, but will not happen because of some circumstances. And therefore, it’s time to let it go and move on.

For Vice Ganda, I think he has a human heart. It just happens that his brand of comedy does not fit my taste. I don’t like listening to his jokes but it does not mean I hate him. At his age, I think he has a lot of experiences in life that make him capable of giving advice. I just hope to see him not just as a star, but as a kind human soul.

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