Valerie Weigmann Petitioned for Disqualification from Miss World 2014

Valerie Weigmann Miss World 2014

Photo Credit: Valerie Weigmann Instagram

Valerie Weigmann might be disqualified from the Miss World 2014. This is because an online petition was created a week after the reigning Miss World Philippines 2014 arrived in London, where the prestigious beauty pageant will be held. This year’s Miss World winner will be crowned on December 14, 2014.

According to the petition at titled “Disqualify Valerie Weigmann from Miss World 2014 Because She Doesn’t Look like a Filipino,” Weigmann looks more German than Filipino and therefore should be disqualified from the upcoming Miss World beauty pageant.

“It is acceptable that many Filipinos today have mixed blood with other nationalities, but the physical appearance of Valerie Weigmann obviously does not represent the true Filipino real beauty. Her face is not common for an Asian and her skin is too fair.” The statement of the petition reads.

“We understand that she (Weigmann) has a very strong German descent. However, we think it will be unfair for other candidates especially for Miss World Germany 2014 Egzonita Ala.” It added. The online was started by Galiana Koch and Idonia Duerr, and has 3,645 signatures as of posting.

Meanwhile, the Miss World Organization said that the said petition is unlikely to have an effect on the judges’ decision. Organizers noted that even a million signatures will have no bearing unless the candidates themselves will file it, or the reason for disqualification is in accordance with their rules.

Meanwhile, the one hundred twenty four Miss World 2014 candidates have just finished grouping themselves in four and will compete in sports events and other usual activities. Reigning Miss World Megan Young of the Philippines is also in London to pass her crown to the next Miss World winner.

“I don’t have any comment about the petition. All I can say is it is not the fault of Valerie (Weigmann) if her beauty is different from an average Filipina.” Ms. Young said, who was born in Alexandria, Virginia to an American father and a Filipino mother.

Weigmann, who celebrated her 25th birthday last November 22 in London, was not available for comment on this issue. Despite the voting count for the Miss World 2014 People’s Choice Award is held disclosed, many beauty experts believe that even non-Filipinos are voting for her.

“I honestly believe that the Philippines has a huge chance to win twice in a row. With the exceptional beauty of Valerie (Weigmann), I am very confident that she can project a huge impact in front of the judges.” World renowned Filipino fashion designer Pitoy Moreno said earlier.

During the Miss World Philippines 2014 coronation night last October, Valerie Weigmann also won 12 special of awards This includes Miss Fashion Runway, Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, Miss Solaire, Miss Olay, Miss Figlia, Miss Hana Shampoo, Miss Jesi Mendez Ambassador, Miss Blue Water Spa, Miss Reducin, Miss Bench, and Miss Camarines Sur.

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