US Likely to Help LP Impeach President Duterte Amid China Visit, Political Analyst Warns

President Rodrigo Duterte publicly announced this Thursday, October 20 that he will separate from the US. He made the strong announcement during his third day of visit in China. And because of this, US wants him to elaborate his statement further. But more that, America is set to make some drastic moves to win back the Philippines from China.

As local news have reported, President Duterte brought home a total of $24 billion of investment and loans from his 4-day visit to China. From this amount, $5.5-billion will be for transportation and infrastructure, $1 billion is set for a hydroelectric power plant, $700 million will for a steel plant, and the rest for a port development project in Davao City.

The meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Duterte also resulted to several agreements that China and Philippines will benefit from. And although the US government has said that its relationship with the Philippines remains intact, it cannot be denied that their ego was hurt, and they were not prepared for such scenarios.

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According to UP Diliman professor and political analyst Lauro dela Cuesta, US will never give up Philippines as one of their allies, no matter what President Duterte has said against them. So to avoid further damage, he said that US has two options – to replicate China’s offers to the Philippines, or to get rid of President Duterte as soon as possible.

“Take note that the first option is too risky, and is not a guarantee that President Duterte will change his views on US. It therefore follows that the second option is a better idea, and it’s feasible. The new US government, no matter who will win, can easily support the political party that wants Duterte out, and that’s LP (Liberal Party).” Dela Cuesta told TN.

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“Yes, I’m talking about the rumored plan to impeach President Duterte, so that VP Robredo will be the new president. So far, the only anti-Duterte senator who has the guts to trigger this is Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Remember, he filed a plunder case against Duterte. And yes, this threat is ‘Suntok Sa Buwan’, but should not to be taken lightly.” He added.