US Lawmaker Files Anti-Photobomb Bill, After Bill Clinton Photobombs Sad Girl

Bill Clinton Queen Photobombs

Photo Credit: Reddit user Fieldblazer/Twitter users @BrooklynSpoke and @_JaydeTaylor

A US lawmaker files the so-called Anti-Photobomb Bill, nearly three weeks after former president Bill Clinton photobombs a sad girl. The presidential photobomb took place during a campaign event in Texarkana, Arkansas for this year’s midterm election, and the photo was first posted at Reddit.

The photobomb made into the headlines of major news sites, locally and internationally. Mr. Clinton was in the said event to support the re-election bid of Mark Pryor, the then-senator of Arkansas and a member of the Democratic Party. Mr. Pryor eventually lost to Republican candidate Tom Cotton.

According to Reddit user Fieldblazer, who posted the photo, the picture was taken by one of his friends and the poor little girl “didn’t want to be there as it was really cold outside.” Although the photo immediately went viral and many people loved it, the girl looks really upset.

Apparently, this prompted Arkansas Rep. Precy Hitcherson to sponsor Arkansas House Bill (HB) 6212 or the anti-photobomb bill. According to the Republican lawmaker, the girl (whose identity was withheld) suffered from trauma because of the incident and got bullied in school.

“While many people think that photobomb is always funny, we can also think of it as invasion of privacy and is therefore inappropriate. The rude comments on social media can have negative effects on the person and should be considered as cyber bullying.” Rep. Hitcherson said.

“I would also like to emphasize that I’m not against the former president (Clinton), and that this bill is not for him alone. This is about human rights, not politics. I am also a mother and I know how kids feel in a very awkward position.” The US lawmaker added.

Once it becomes a law, no one will be allowed to appear in a picture without the consent of the person taking the photo and the person (or people) who are only supposed to be in the photo. The person who will upload the photo online will also be fined, depending on how many Facebook shares and retweets.

If the photobomb was proven to be accidental or the photobomber is an animal, then no case shall be filed. If the photobomb is considered obscene, only the person who uploaded the photo shall be penalized, or jailed, or both. The amount of fine shall be decided by the court judge.

Apparently, this is not the first time that President Clinton was involved in a photobomb. In January 2013, he photobombed American Idol Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson when she was about to sing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” during second-term inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Photobombing has been rampant in various occasions. One of the most talked-about photobombs involved Queen Elizabeth II herself, when she photobombed two female Australian hockey players at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

As of posting, the 68-year old former president has not yet commented on this issue. Meanwhile, HB 6212 or the Anti-Photobomb Bill is now subject for committee debate and the deliberation is set to take place before the year ends.



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