Watch: US Iglesia ni Cristo Minister Louie Cayabyab Resigns, Gives Personal Message (Video)

US Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Minister Louie Cayabyab steps down from his post this Saturday, July 25, 2015. His resignation comes after the series of controversies within the powerful church surfaced, including the expulsion of Ka Angel Manalo, her mother Ka Tenny Manalo, and other high-ranking INC ministers as well.

In this speech, Minister Louie Cayabyab said that he will not read the circulars announcing the expulsion of Ka Tenny and Ka Angel, and Isaias Samson Jr. He said he knows he will be expelled from the church for not doing so, and that he will instead resign from his post. You can hear INC members crying as he is announcing his resignation.

Later that day, Minister Cayabyab gave his personal message (in Tagalog) to all INC members, especially to his fellow ministers. In his very sad but firm voice, the California-based INC minister said he loves and respect the entire Manalo family. Nevertheless, he is urging the brethren to speak up if they know about the alleged corruption within the church, and to support the vigil at the INC compound.

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There were earlier claims that at least nine INC ministers were abducted here in the Philippines, and among them are ministers Jojo Nemis and Lowell Menorca II. But for some reasons, both of them released separate statements, denying that they were abducted and said that they and their family are safe and in good condition.

However, INC members who want the change in Sanggunian said they believe both of them were threatened. The INC scandal started when Ka Tenny Manalo and her son, Ka Angel released a YouTube video saying that their lives are in danger. On that video, they appealed to all INC members to support them and their cause.

The early morning after INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago announced the expulsion of the mother-and-son, Ka Angel talked to reporters outside the INC buidling in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. He accused the INC of corruption, but emphasized that his older brother Eduardo “Ka Edry” (current INC executive) is not involved.

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Samson Jr., who is also the former ‘Pasugo’ editor-in-chief, supported Ka Angel’s claim of corruption within the Sanggunian of the INC. Other expelled ministers also talked to the media and confirmed the allegations. However, all of them have been denied by INC spokesperson spokesperson Edwil Zabala, adding that the church plans to sue its critics.

Below are the two videos showing US INC Minister Louie Cayabyab announcing his resignation and his personal message, as well as the full transcript of his speech.

Beloved brethren, there are two circulars that are supposed to be read this morning. The first circular is about the expulsion, from the Church, of the wife and children of Bro. Erano G. Manalo. And another circular is the expulsion, from the Church of Bro. Isaias T. Samson Jr., the editor-in-chief — former editor-in-chief of The Pasugo. I decided, brethren, that I won’t read those circulars.

You might be asking, “why?” Because in my heart, in my heart of hearts, I can’t take it. It is, it is just so so difficult to betray one’s heart. I know, I know the repercussion of this and i know what will be the consequence. I know that i will be stripped out of my duty. From now on, I will no longer be a minister, probably i will be expelled from the Church, but I will take it brothers and sisters.

We admonish you to remain in the Church no matter what happens. So instead of reading the circular, I am — I take this opportunity to thank you. Oh, I cannot thank you enough, brethren here in Fremont for your love and kindness to me and my family. I would also like to thank all the locales that we have been assigned to: the locale of Washington D.C., Temple Hills, MD, Northern Virginia, VA, Baltimore, MD, Elizabeth, NJ, Central New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, Virginia Beach, VA, Livermore, Northern CA. Thank you brothers and sisters. We hope that time will come our paths will cross again. Have a good day to all.

As of posting, INC members are slowing arriving at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, to attend the 101th anniversary of the church this Monday, July 27.. It is not yet known as to whether Ka Edry will be attending or not. Since the INC controversy started, he has not yet been seen in public nor has released his official statement.

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