Uploader of Alleged Andrea Brillantes Scandal Video Identified Report Not True

Andrea Brillantes Annaliza

Last Friday, an alleged Andrea Brillantes scandal video was spread on social media which led to many speculations. Fans of the 12-year old child actress used the hashtag #RespectAndreaBrillantes to support their idol. On the same day, a Facebook post was created, saying that the uploader of the video has been identified. Beware! This report is not true.

“As of this moment na-trace na po ng mga otoridad ang ip address ng nag upload ng kumakalat na video. Napakawalang puso!!!” A statement reads on the said post on a Facebook page of a certain Kupal Lord, which apparently is a fictional character. It includes two artist’s sketches of the face of the alleged suspect.

(As of this moment, authorities have alreadt traced the IP address of the person who uploaded the viral video. Heartless!!!)

The last part of the caption has a link to the supposed Facebook page of the alleged suspect. Sad to say, many Facebook commentators believed that this true. In fact, the post has already nearly 2,000 Shares as of posting. But if you click the link, you will be led to your own Facebook post. Therefore, the report is a hoax.

Andrea Brillantes scandal video uploader FB

Credit: Kupal Lord

This fake Facebook post did not mention the name of Andrea Brillantes or her sister, who was believed by many as the girl on the video. However, anyone who sees it will immediately think that it is about the “Annaliza” star. It is very clear that the said post used to fool people and make fun out of the issue, and is somehow successful.

This false report should serve as a lesson to all Facebook users, who immediately believe what they see without doing some research first. Netizens should also be aware that scammers are using fake links to the controversial videos. These links usually ask for personal information, including credit card number.

As of posting, the family of Andrea Brilliantes, whose real name is Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, has not yet issued a statement on this issue, as well as ABS-CBN. The public is strictly being advised that sharing, reproducing, and selling of videos containing such acts is against Republic Act No. 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

As we mentioned earlier, we are condemning whoever uploaded the video, as well the people who shared it. We at TN respect the privacy of the girl (whoever she is), and we really hope that the culprit will be caught soon and will be punished accordingly.

And to you Kupal Lord, you truly deserved to be called by your first name.

By the way, below is the music video of a song as a response to the alleged Andrea Brilliantes scandal video. Titled “Scandal Wag Ipasa,” this rap song by Latigo Rapper generally talks about the effect of sharing of scandal videos online. The poor victims had enough trauma already, and that we should respect their privacy.

Latigo Rapper send us the link to his music video, and we truly admire his effort to use his talent for a good cause. Watch…

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