Twins Samantha and Anais Separated at Birth, Reunited via Social Media (Video)

Twinsters Samatha and Anais adopted reunited social media


Meet Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier, the identical twins sisters who were separated at birth but were reunited after 25 years. And yes, thanks to social media. Their interesting life story started in 2013, and now their documentary film called ‘Twinsters’ was recently released. Below is the official movie trailer.

Samantha is a Korean-American actress in Los Angeles. On February 21, 2013, she received a message from Anais via Facebook that changed their lives. Anais saw Samantha in various YouTube videos and she noticed that they somehow look the same. Anais asked Sam about her personal details.

“So…I don’t want to be too Lindsay Lohan, well…but…how to put it… I was wondering where you were born?” This is the exact Facebook message of Anais asked Sam. Anais is a French fashion design student who lives in London, and was born on November 19, 1987 in South Korea, the same birthday date and place of Sam.

In case you don’t know, actress Lindsay Lohan was 11 years old when she did a remake of the classic film “Parent Trap,” wherein she portrayed the role of twin sisters who were separated at birth but later discovered each other. But in the case of Samantha and Anais, their twinster story is very real.

Anais was adopted by her French parents and is a fashion design student living in London. On the other hand, Samantha was adopted by a family in Verona, New Jersey. Despite growing up 5,000 miles away from each other, the girls communicate regularly until they decided to see each other in person.

After seeing each other many times and confirming thru DNA testing that they are indeed twin sisters, Samantha Futerman create a Kickstarter page at the same year to raise funds to create a documentary movie about their story. The target amount was $30,000, but the pledges reached $43,838.

Their story has been featured in many huge sites such as Huffington Post and in US TV shows. In late 2014, Samanta released a book titled “Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited,” which documented her journey with Anais since they found out that they are identical twins.

Their documentary Twinsters movie had its world premiere on the 2015 SXSW Film Festival this March and won the Special Jury Recognition for Editing award. But more than anything else, their story is a great inspiration for adopted children anywhere in the world and for their parents as well.



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