TV Patrol Reports Wrong Headline on Use of Nav Apps Under Anti-Distracted Driving Act, DOTr Clarifies

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) made a clarification on the wrong headline of the news report of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol during its live telecast this Wednesday night, May 17. As you can see the said news report states that use of navigational apps are no longer allowed under Republic Act 10913, also known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA).

“Please be informed that motorists MAY STILL USE navigational apps like Waze and Google Maps while driving, provided that they use the aid of the device’s hands-free function, and as long as these do not interfere with the driver’s line of sight.” A statement reads at the DOTr Facebook page this Thursday, May 18, ADDA’s implementation date.

“Motorists are also advised to set their preferred destination on these applications prior to their departure. In cases when motorists need to find alternate routes while in traffic, they are advised to first pull their vehicles aside.” The DOTr added, as it advises the Kapamilya network to correct their earlier report so that motorists will not be confused.

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“In this regard, the Department of Transportation enjoins news agencies to uphold accuracy in airing or publishing news reports so as not to misinform and create confusion among motorists. We would also like to request ABS-CBN and other news channels/agencies who may have reported the same to correct their previous report/s.” The DOTr said further.

As reported earlier, Anti-Distracted Driving Act strictly prohibits use of mobile phone and/or electronics or equipment while motor vehicle is in motion or temporarily stopped at a red light. This anti texting-while-driving law applies to automobiles, trucks, vans, buses, jeeps, motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles, pedicabs, carts, and agricultural and construction equipment.

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As of posting, ABS-CBN has not yet issued a statement about their wrong headline. But in their online news report, the Kapamilya network mentioned that motorists can still use traffic and navigational apps like Waze and Google Maps while driving. Nevertheless, the DOTr noted that no device or gadget should be placed in areas that would obstruct the driver’s view.



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