Top 10 Signs That You May Have Already Found Mr. Right

Waiting for Mr Right

Are you seeing someone special but you’re still wondering if he is really the right man for you? Well, you’re not alone. Many women are really finding it hard to know if the man in front of them is Mr. Right. But while you might already some clues in mind, TN talked to some love advice experts and marriage counselors to give you this list of the top 10 signs you should observe to know if you may have already found Mr. Right.

#10 Mr. Right Creates Magical Moments

His eyes, his smile, his voice. These are only some of his features that you see and hear even while you’re sleeping. Magical moments happen when you do your best to reject those butterflies in your stomach he gives you but you still fail. And yes, this magic sometimes doesn’t exist on your first meeting, or to what some people say as “love at first sight.” Otherwise, it would be unfair for not-so good looking guys.

#9 Mr. Right Builds Chemistry Without Forcing It

A lasting relationship needs chemistry, but without forcing it. Being compatible doesn’t necessarily mean that you enjoy the same TV show or hobbies. Many men are willing to sacrifice their pleasure just to please their partner. But if he is sacrificing too much, he will not be happy with himself and tend to lose self-confidence. Sooner or later, the magic will slowly vanish and will be gone before you know it.

#8 Mr. Right is 99% Honest

Contrary to what many women wish for their man, Mr. Right is not 100% honest. Time will come that he will tell you that you still smell fresh even if you have been in the kitchen the whole day. Sometimes, men need to tell lies so their partner will not be hurt. This is why experts also remind women to trust their instincts. Men who are always honest are too good to be true. They don’t exist, at least on earth.

#7 Mr. Right Invests Time When He is With You

Eating together in a luxurious restaurant or watching your favorite artist’s concert is great, but it is not really enough. Mr. Right is a man who knows how to invest time when he is with you. Frequent checking of his phone or looking at his watch while you are together is a sign that his focus is not at you. On the other hand, it’s better to walk in a park for hours and holding hands together while planning about your future.

#6 Mr. Right Respects You and Your Family

Love is not love without respect. Mr. Right might not always agree with your beliefs and opinions, but he does not force you to agree with him. He allows you to be yourself. He is someone who does not only respect you but also your family. Every family has dark past, and he should respect yours. If he doesn’t, time will come that he will not also respect you. Note that your family will also become his once you got married.

#5 Mr. Right Listens Even if You Don’t Talk

Most men don’t talk too much, especially about their feelings. But Mr. Right listens even if you don’t talk. He is sensitive enough to know if something is wrong, but he doesn’t force you to talk if you don’t want to. Mr. Right listens to your body language, and is patient enough to wait for the right time for you to talk. He offers his shoulder for you to cry on. And yes, Mr. Right is your shock absorber and best friend.

#4 Mr. Right Protects You Even From Himself

Mr. Right does not need to be a body builder to protect you. His physical built does not need to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, but he is always proactive in terms of keeping you safe. His simple reminders to take care when you cross the street or wear decent clothes are great signs that he is your protector. A man who avoids shouting back when you’re mad at him means he is protecting you from his anger.

#3 Mr. Right is Responsible and Self Sufficient

With the unstable economy and the number of jobless men are increasing, Mr. Right might not always be capable of supporting your needs. Time may come that he even has no money to buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day. But still, you can see the fire in his eyes and his actions that he is still not yet giving up. Mr. Right is self sufficient and responsible enough to find ways to make ends meet.

#2 Mr. Right is the Greatest Comedian You’ll Ever Meet

Mr. Right seems very serious in life, but he can immediately turn himself into a good comedian when he’s with you. He knows how to make you laugh even if his jokes are old and corny. He can easily create a funny situation when you’re sad. In fact, he doesn’t even need to talk just to make you smile. And yes, he is the greatest comedian you’ll ever meet, far better than the late, great Robin Williams.

#1 Mr. Right is Not Mr. Perfect

Sad to say, Mr. Right is not Mr. Perfect and will never be. Just like any human being, he also has his own share of shortcomings. However, he learns from them and does everything to improve himself. He is humble enough to accept his mistakes and ask for forgiveness. On the same manner, he also knows that you are not Miss Perfect. He accepts you for what you are and will support you all the way.


A relationship is always a two-way street; it’s give and take. It’s not about you being happy with him but being both happy together. Both of you should work hand in hand to make the magic last, whether you will have children or not. True love is not found in perfect situations, but rather the way both of you handle the imperfect ones. So if you really want to make sure that your man is Mr. Right, be Ms. Right.

Mr. Right is not the man you can live with; he is the man you cannot live without.

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