Top 10 Very Simple Things Many Filipinos are Lazy About

Pinoy inom sugal

Many Filipinos are lazy, and they know it. Well, it will be unfair to say that all of them are lazy because it’s not true. But whether you are a Filipino or a tourist here in the Philippines, you will notice the reality. You can see a lot of people in the streets, standing all day and doing nothing. They are called ‘tambay’.

There are many theories on the reasons why Filipinos are so lazy. During the Spanish era, Jose Rizal wrote an essay titled “Indolence of the Filipinos” where he stated some possible reasons why Filipinos are lazy. According to him, Filipino natives that time have limited education and they think that they are inferior.

I’m sure you also know the story of Juan Tamad, whose character was based on the laziness of many Filipinos. But hey! It’s now 2015 and yet, we can still see a lot of lazy Filipinos. So instead of torturing our minds on wondering why, let’s analyze the things that many Filipinos are lazy about. Here are the top 10:

#10 Many Filipinos are lazy in arriving on time

Who wouldn’t notice this so-called Filipino time? How many of us arrive before or exactly on time during a meeting? The alibis could be endless, although traffic is the most common excuse. But the truth is, many Filipinos arrive late because they think that the others will do the same. What kind of mindset is that?

#9 Many Filipinos are lazy in obeying the laws

How many “Bawal” signs do you see in the streets? You may not be able to count them, but for sure, you know that many Filipinos are lazy enough to cross the bridges in main roads. For sure, you can always see a Filipino urinating on walls without any shame at all. And worst, many Filipinos throw garbage everywhere.

#8 Many Filipinos are lazy at work

Filipinos are generally hardworking people, but many of them are lazy at work. They love doing shortcuts even if it can possibly cause mistakes or accidents. You can hear them saying, “Pwede na yan” (That will be enough) even if they know it’s not. No wonder, the saying, “Bahala na si Batman” became a famous line.

#7 Many Filipinos are lazy in reading

Companies and agencies have been posting job vacancies on Facebook. Most of them have complete information including the requirements and how to apply. The instructions are in English, but can easily be understood. But still, you’ll see some comments asking questions that have already answers right under their noses.

Filipino Facebook job hiring comments

#6 Many Filipinos are lazy in doing research

Many Filipinos can easily be fooled by scams and false claims. But this is not because they’re not smart enough, it’s because they are lazy in doing research on Google. They depend on what they see on Facebook, especially when a personality was reported “dead” or when invited to join a networking business.

#5 Many Filipinos are lazy when a relative is working abroad

This usually happens when a sibling or a close relative is working abroad. Thinking that all OFWs make good money abroad is very common among Filipinos. The same thing happens when a family member has decided to migrate in foreign countries. They immediately think that they can easily receive financially help.

#4 Many Filipinos are lazy in learning how to making money

Yes, many Filipinos are lazy learning how to make money. They easily invest on something they don’t know all the details yet. They easily believe once they know that someone has made good money out of it. In short, they love ‘easy money’. This is why many Filipinos are fooled by pyramid schemes and other scams.

#3 Many Filipinos are lazy in making commitments

Many Filipinos are ‘ningas kugon’ (flaming cogon grass). They easily get excited on starting something, but stopped at the middle and sometimes even earlier. This bad attitude is a sign of being lazy when it comes to making commitments. This is probably because they are impatient and they want quick positive results.

#2 Many Filipinos are lazy in learning new things

Sad to say, many Filipinos depend only what they see and are afraid of learning new things. As an example, many Filipinos don’t know how to use the Internet despite spending long hours on Facebook. They also love foreign works and imitate them, instead of creating their own. No wonder, we have few original local products.

#1 Many Filipinos are lazy in admitting their mistakes

Many Filipinos love to play the blame game, instead of admitting their own mistakes. They blame the corruption in the government, but they themselves pay under the table for their driver’s license and other legal documents. They blame the rich people for their poverty, but they don’t want to learn how to manage a business.

Again, not all Filipinos are lazy. But if we really don’t want to be labeled as such, let’s show it to the world. Let them know how talented we are, not only in joining contests. Don’t blame the rich and the president, whoever he or she may be. Don’t depend on the government alone. Stop that crab mentality and don’t be lazy.

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