Top 10 Things Filipinos Should Really Change in 2015

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Every end of the year, people around the world make their list of New Year’s Resolutions, and this includes Filipinos. For a lot of women, being able to lose weight is always on top. For men, quit smoking is very popular one. But just like promises, most of them are meant to be broken.

But still, there are things that should be taken seriously if people really want to change for the better. And because 2014 is coming close to its end, we asked experts in different fields on what Filipinos should definitely do instead of just creating a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Here are the top 10:

#10 Use “Proud to be Pinoy” the right way

The phrase “Proud to be Pinoy” is not bad, per se. Every Filipino or race should be proud of where they came from. “But admit it; many Filipino talents today are not pure Filipinos. Canadians never comment ‘proud to be Canadian’ on YouTube when Maria Aragon rose to fame. If you are really proud to be Pinoy, be a good citizen and help our country grow.” UP Sociology Professor Melencio Milenyo said.

#9 Search before you believe

Rumors and hoax are two worst enemies of easy believers. In this age of smarthphones and tablets, it’s very easy to manipulate the minds of readers. According to social media expert Jane Torial, tons of Filipinos are receiving spam posts every day simply because they rely on what their friends share on Facebook. She added that the solution is very simple – Don’t be lazy; search before you believe.

#8 Learn how to use Google

Unfortunately, many Filipino Facebook users still don’t know how to use Google. Torial, who also conducts seminars and webinars about e-commerce, said many Filipinos completely rely on Facebook. “They don’t realize how powerful search engines such as Google are.” Ms.Torial said, adding that netizens should know that Google is more reliable than Facebook when it comes to information.

#7 Stop the blame game

Blame game is everywhere, not only in the Philippines. But as UP Psychology professor Wilfredo Antonino Vargas suggests, many Filipinos love to point fingers on others. “Scapegoat is a big problem in our country. Even presidents do it to their predecessors. Japanese did not protest on the streets when the 2011 earthquake strike. Instead, they work hand in hand to solve the problem. We should do it, too.” Vargas told TN.

#6 Be a police

No, this does not mean all of us should enter the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA). It only means we should learn to stop other people if we saw them doing something wrong. “Just look at pedestrians on our highways and main roads. People see other people do jaywalking but they don’t care. The same thing goes when someone throw garbage on the street.” Vargas said.

#5 Be proactive, not reactive

Being proactive is realizing that something bad can happen and then control the situation before it happens. Unfortunately, not so many Filipinos think this way. “No wonder, the phrase “Bahala na si Batman” (Let Batman take care of it) is very popular.” UP Sociologist Socorro Agbuya tells TN, adding that many Filipinos react violently if there is flood, but still they treat the streets as a huge garbage can.

#4 Stop believing in illogical beliefs

Filipinos follow tons of beliefs; even if many of them are illogical. One of them is “sabi ng matatanda” (The elderly say). “While it is true that elderly people have more experience than the younger generation and we should respect them, not everything they say is wisdom. As human beings, we should use our logical thinking before we follow any belief. Otherwise, we will be stagnant.” Agbuya suggests.

#3 Don’t dream to be an OFW

This hurts, but many economists will tell you the same. While it is obvious that working abroad means earning more money, it is a not a clear solution to poverty. “Being an OFW is temporary, not a long term solution. Once you retire or get disabled, you’re done.” Economist Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod once said, adding that we should all learn how our money can work for us and not the other way around.

#2 Don’t expect the government to always help you

Corruption has been roaming on earth for centuries, and no one can stop it permanently. The role of the government is to provide social services, maintain peace and order, and to attract foreign and local investors. “But the economy of our country does not depend on the president alone. We should not expect the government to always help us. If we want progress, act on it together.” Monsod tells TN.

#1 Stop abusing freedom

The Philippines have been fighting for freedom since the Spaniards came. The Japanese invaded us during the World War II, but we didn’t give up. Our country was recognized around the world during the 1986 EDSA Revolution, and many Filipinos believe they gained freedom. But sad to say, many of us are now abusing it. Freedom is a responsibility of each one of us. Otherwise, we don’t deserve to be free.


“The Philippines is a very rich country and has wonderful people.” A Canadian small business owner in Batangas tells TN, and we believe him. Otherwise, foreigners will not visit our country and decided to stay here. The must-to-do things mentioned above are only part of the solution to improve our country. But once we do them, 2015 will be a better year for all of us; no matter who you are, where you are.

Let’s welcome 2015 with a huge change! Happy New Year!!!!

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