Top 10 Jobs in the Philippines in 2015 for High School Graduates

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While it is true that tons of Filipinos want to work abroad, not all are lucky enough to get hired. For majority of job applicants, job mismatch and lack of experience are two major problems. But contrary to what many people believe, there are still a lot of jobs available here in the Philippines even if you didn’t finish a college course.

We also cannot deny that educational attainment is another huge factor of unemployment problem. But again, job vacancies for high school graduates and college levels never run out. In fact, today’s technology has added great opportunities for job seekers for non-college graduates.

So, if you are looking for a job and you think the incoming year is hopeless, think again. After talking to employment experts and doing research online, we learned that there is still hope. Below is our list of the top 10 jobs in the Philippines in 2015 for high school graduates and college undergraduates:

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#10 Maids (Kasambahay)

Unlike before, being a maid in the Philippines has now more benefits. Under Republic Act (RA) 10362 (also known as Domestic Workers Act), household workers in the country are now entitled to overtime pay, paid work leaves, and enrollment in Social Security System (SSS), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), as well as the Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG). However, this Kasambahay Law also requires applicants to submit legal documents and medical certificate.

#9 Construction/Road Workers

Obviously, this job is for males only and is usually on per contract basis. Although there is a high demand overseas for construction workers, there is still a huge space for local construction and road workers. Most of the times, experience is required for carpenters or mason. Don’t worry; there are many small private and government projects that really don’t need a lot of requirements. But besides being a very physical job, you should also prepare yourself to work under the heat of the sun.

#8 Manufacturing Operators

According to the 2015 predictions from experts, a huge number of foreign companies will build their manufacturing plants here in the country next year. This includes the Foxconn (makers of Apple products such as iPhone and iPad) to be established in Malvar, Batangas. Although having an experience as a manufacturing operator is an advantage, it is not really a requirement. However, most companies prefer single female rather than married with children. Vacancies for males are quite less.

#7 MMDA CCTV Watchers

With the continuous project of MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) to install CCTVs in all major roads in Metro Manila; more CCTV watchers will be hired. As we all know, traffic in EDSA is getting worst every day. Although you can rarely find such job vacancies online, MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino recently announced that they are always accepting job applicants for the position. The minimum requirement is high school graduate, but you should be alert and possess very good eyesight.

#6 Promodizers

In case you’re not aware, a promodizer is the person you see on huge groceries and malls promoting a particular brand of product. Most promodizers are well-dressed ladies and you can easily identify the products they are promoting. Some companies are also hiring male promodizers, especially if their products are exclusively for male use. In addition to product promotion, they also assist costumers and do daily inventory reports. And yes, many promodizers eventually end up as regular employees.

#5 Blogger/Online Writer

If you love to write, blogging (or online writing) is the perfect job for you. These days, you don’t really need to be a techie guy before you can set up your own blog. Although you can use the Blogger platform, WordPress is still more favorable. You can make money from advertisements and affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products). However, you should learn the different strategies of blog promotion and be very patient. If you don’t want to create a blog, there are tons of sites that hire writers.

#4 Online Freelancers

There are many jobs online for freelancers, but the most common today is virtual assistants. The task is almost the same as an office secretary, except that you should have a fast, reliable Internet connection at home. For some international clients, you might be required to adjust your working time depending on the country. Other freelancing jobs include data encoders, web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and social media promotion experts. However, you should know how to avoid scammers.

#3 Customer Service Representatives (Non-Voice)

The main job description of non-voice customer service representatives (CSR) is to handle customer complaints and inquiries thru email. Other tasks include providing information about other products and services, updating of information of customer records, etc. Just like bloggers and online freelancers, you can also work at home. However, you should really have excellent written communication skills. Most employers require at least 2-years experience, but not necessarily college graduates.

#2 Call Center Agents

The demand for call center agents continues to be high in 2015. With now tons of call center agent training schools available, you can easily improve your English communication skills. But despite being dubbed as glamorized, new blue collar workers, you should be ready to stay awake all night. In addition, prepare your ears to inconsiderate callers. Note also that not all huge BPO companies offer huge salaries and benefits. And if they do, it doesn’t really mean they are the best companies to work for.

#1 Political Campaigners

In case you still don’t know, there will be a presidential election on May 9, 2016. So far, there are 13 potential presidentiables. In addition, Filipinos are going to elect the new vice president, 12 senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, vice governors, vice mayors, councilors and board members. You can just imagine how many job vacancies will be available. The “salary” depends on the candidate. Recently, the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) said they plan to start the election campaign as early as October 2015. But obviously, the actual campaign period will be much earlier.


Besides the above list of job vacancies, there are still other available jobs for high school graduates and college levels here in the Philippines next year. You can also find tons of upcoming job fairs in malls; most of them are also announced online. If you are planning to apply, make sure you have an attractive resume. You should also prepare yourself for the job interview. Don’t be late so you won’t look haggard.

Good luck, 2015 applicants!

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