Top 10 Interesting Philippine Showbiz Facts 90s Kids Do Not Know About

FPJ Dolphy duet

FPJ Dolphy duet

If you are a Filipino born in the 90s or 25 years and below, you missed one-third of your life. This is because the 70s and 80s produced high quality local movies and entertaining TV shows. The Philippine movie industry was then in a very colorful era of great actors, actress, and movie directors as well.

If you will ask your parents, they’ll tell you that today’s movies and TV shows are far behind from what they’ve watched when they haven’t met yet or still dating. Many Philippine movies in the 90s are good, but many producers started to stop making movies. So, thank telenovelas and low-budget indie films.

For your pleasure, TN gathered the most unforgettable moments in local entertainment when you were not born yet or too young to appreciate them. And although rumors are fun to talk about, we decided to focus on facts. But because there are too many to mention, here are the top 10 most interesting facts in Philippine entertainment you missed.

#10 Funny TV sitcoms are everywhere

Dolphy’s “John en Marsha” and “Home Along Da Riles” are both phenomenal, while “Iskul Bukol” had its own share of success. “Okay Ka, Fairy Ko,” “Oki Doki Doc” and “Palibhasa Lalaki” did great. Before “Ang TV,” there was “Kaluskos Musmos” that featured Maricel Soriano and Herbert Bautista. You probably have watched “Kool Ka Lang,” and “Ober Da Bakod,” but I doubt if you know “T.O.D.A.S.”, “Chicks to Chicks,” “Sitak ni Jack,” “Manok ni San Pedro,” and “Eh Kasi Babae.” For political satire, who can forget “Sic O’ Clock News,” “Mongolian Barbecue” and “Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata”?

#9 Comedians have weird and funny screen names

Without a doubt, Vice Ganda (Jose Marie Borja Viceral in real life) is the most popular comedian today and he has blockbuster movies. Nevertheless, some people hate him for “insulting jokes.” And now that Comedy King Dolphy and Chiquito are both gone, comedy will never be the same again. But still, there were other older comedians who used weird and funny screen names. Among them are Apeng Daldal, Aruray, Angge, Babalu, Balot, Bentot, Ben Tisoy, Cachupoy, Chichay, Chuchi, Dely Atay-atayan, Matutina, Menggay, Palito, Panchito, Pugo, Pugak, Redford White, Tugak, Tintoy, Tiya Pusit, Togo, and Whitney Tyson. (Whew!)

#8 TV commercials are iconic and entertaining

Let’s start with the series of San Miguel beer commercials featuring the late comedian Bert “Tawa” Marcelo. Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ) also had his share. Ask your parents about the Alice Dixon’s “I Can Feel It” Palmolive commercial in 1987, and they will smile. Also ask them about “Joey” on his Royal Tru-Orange soft drink commercial series. These are only some of the iconic TV commercials that time. By the way, McDonalds’ “Karen po,” Toni Gonzaga’s Sprite “I Love You, Piolo,” Jollibee’s “Nawawala si Jennifer,” and PLDT’s “Suportahan Taka” emotional commercial were all released in early 2000.

#7 Ariel Rivera won Best Supporting Actor in his first movie

Dubbed as the “Bagong Kilabot ng Kolehiyala,” Ariel Rivera won the hearts of thousands of girls in the early 90s. Thanks to “Sa Linggo nAPO Sila,” Rivera thrilled Filipino fans with his magnetic Pinoy looks and enchanting voice for his “Simple Lang.” An architect by profession, he tried acting and eventually won Best Supporting Actor award in the 1992 Metro Manila Film Festival for the “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal” (Why do I Love you So Much) movie with Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga. He made more movies after he was paired to Megastar Sharon Cuneta in “Ikaw.” However, his romantic relationship with Regine Velasquez was very controversial.

#6 Lorna Tolentino became a Grand Slam Best Actress

In case you don’t know, being a Grand Slam Best Actress means winning the same award for all the award giving bodies in the Philippines – FAMAS, Gawad Urian, Star Awards, and FAP. So far, only Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Sharon Cuneta, and Lorna Tolentino have enjoyed this prestigious honor. Starting as a child star and having one of the most beautiful faces in local showbiz, LT won FAMAS Best Child Actress for Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel in 1971. Lorna won several more FAMAS Best Actress awards. Nevertheless, it was the movie “Narito ang Puso Ko” (Here Is My Heart) in 1992 that made her the Grand Slam queen.

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