Top 10 Fearless Predictions 2017 for the Philippines Under the Duterte Administration

Without any doubt, year 2016 has been colorful for us Filipinos. First of all, President Rodrigo Duterte created history in many aspects. But more importantly, his first six months in office resulted to the shaking of the illegal drugs industry. Philippines also made headlines in the international scene for his fearless comments against his detractors abroad.

Obviously, there has been a lot of unexpected scenarios under the Duterte administration. And although the president is more focused on fighting corruption and illegal drugs only, his actions will clearly have an effect to what could possibly happen next year. So, we at Taho News now present to you our fearless predictions for the Philippines this 2017.

#1 More international awards in entertainment, but many actors will land in jail

The decision to showcase less-commercialized films in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016 is a sign that indie films with high-quality acting and great stories will boom next year. We can therefore expect more international awards. But sad to say, many entertainers are more likely to land in jail for using or selling illegal drugs, or will get killed.

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#2 More foreign investors will come, and more jobs will be created

As we all know, President Duterte’s visit to China resulted to billion worth of deals. This includes Chinese investments that can create jobs inside the country. And as he continue to visit other foreign countries, more golden opportunities for the Filipinos are being expected. And yes, Philippines is set to remain as the call-center capital of the world.

#3 World leaders will visit Philippines, including US President Donald Trump

As expected, President Duterte’s foreign trips did not only attract opportunities but also closer ties with foreign countries. And because US President Donald Trump has showed signs of being “friendlier” to Duterte than Obama, we think that he will visit the Philippines in 2017. Not to mention Russian President Vladimir Putin and some other world leaders.

#4 Many government officials will be dismissed, and will face charges

A stronger fight vs corruption in the Philippines is now being felt. Just this Monday, we heard that 44 Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) personnel were either sacked or forced to resign because of alleged corruption. In addition, the President’s hotline, 8888 is now accepting calls against corrupt government officials.

#5 Death penalty law will be restored, but will earn a lot of criticisms

With the House passing death penalty bill recently on its first reading, we can feel that strongly believe that it will be restored in 2017. As we all know, President Duterte has been pushing it even during his presidential campaign,and many Filipinos are also in favor with it. However, we also expect tons of criticisms especially from the CBCP and CHR.

#6 More protests against EJKs and alleged violation of human rights

Scary as it is, the number of cases of drug-related extrajudicial killings (EJKs) is very much likely to increase in 2017. But while it is clear that many of them are caused by groups that are directly involved in the illegal drugs industry, activists and human rights groups will continue to blame President Duterte. This will eventually result to more protest rallies.

#7 Bongbong Marcos will win electoral protest, and will replace Leni Robredo as VP

President Duterte recently assured Vice President Leni Robredo that she will finish her 6-year term. However, the turn of events of the electoral protest of former senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos suggest otherwise. Note that the Supreme Court (SC) is a separate body, and that its decision cannot be influenced by anyone, including the president.

#8 Sen Liela de Lima will not be sent to prison, but might be removed from office

We think that all the testimonies vs Senator Leila de Lima are not so far sufficient to send her to jail. But with the Senate ethics committee to probe De Lima in relation to her advice to her former driver and lover, Ronnie Dayan to hide from authorities, it is very likely that she will be subject to expulsion. Well, it’s somehow lighter than impeachment.

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#9 The move to federalism will have some huge steps going forward

Contrary to what many Filipinos would think, moving to a federal government is not a skyrocket transition.It needs a lot of studies, and of course super high budget. But because President Duterte has been influencing the public that it would be beneficial to all, especially in the far provinces in Mindanao, we think it would make huge steps in 2017.

#10 No impeachment case vs Duiterte, but more cases will be filed against him

We strongly believe that there will be no impeachment case to be filed vs President Duterte over the EJKs. It’s not just because both the Senate and House, and millions of Filipinos are with him. It’s also because there are no strong evidence to impeach him. However, we think that Liberal Party (LP) via Sen. Trillanes will file more cases against him.


We at Taho News have been consistent in saying that we are not connected with any politician or political party. We only based our 2017 predictions for the Philippines from what has happened this 2016. We may be wrong in some of them, and we accept it. But as Filipinos, we only want the best for the country and its people. No more, no less.



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