This Singaporean Unbelievable Music Video Will Make You Stunned Like a Vegetable

Singapore Unbelievable music video

Yes, the latest Singaporean ‘Unbelievable’ music video that will literally make you stunned like a vegetable. But before you drop, let me introduced to you, Chen Tianwen, the star of the romantically hilarious music video posted on YouTube on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Watching the video will surely brighten your day.

With the superb lyrics such as “Come be my coffee table and I’ll be your sofa”, “Please be the metal cable to my cable car”, and “You blossom like a flower, I so stunned like a vegetable,” who wouldn’t fall in love with it? And yes, the ridiculous wig and the floral polo shirt will remind everyone the fashion of 60s and 70s.

Produced for the Singaporean sitcom ‘Spouse for House 2,’ this Unbelievable music video was created by show director Wang Guoshen, who also wrote the brilliant lyrics. Thanks! That was really so un-un-un-un-un-un-unbelievable! And of course, let’s give credit to the creative dance moves of Chen Tianwen.

In an interview, Guoshen said the first line of the song was inspired by (believe or not) Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.” Being a Golden Horse award nominee, Chen Tianwen immediately agreed to this idea even if he hasn’t read the plot yet. In fact, the Singaporean actor created the dance steps himself. Aren’t they wonderful?

For the rest of the lyrics, the genius songwriter said that he just thought of lines that have rhymes. No wonder, famous sites (including Huffington Post) can’t resist but consuming a space to write about it. And because of the extreme uniqueness, social media immediately love it.

“I really can’t believe it! I mean, I have never really recorded a Mandarin song before, let alone an English one. And the music video got such a huge reaction! I am actually really surprised it has become so popular.” Chen Tianwen said in a separate interview, a day after the video was uploaded on Facebook.

“I think what makes this song interesting is its endearing lyrics. The lyrics like the bit about the coffee table and the sofa is the singer’s way of showing his love for a girl in a very reserved way. It really suits the 70s style of the music because in the 70s, nobody would openly talk about love.” Tianwen added.

Now, convince us that it didn’t brighten up your day 🙂

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