This Poor But Bright Filipino Student Who Has 1 Pants Only Deserves Our Help

Sabrina Ongkiko FB poor student help

If you now feel having the worst problems in the world, there are poor children who don’t mind wearing dirty pants for the whole week just to go to school. Meet Mark Dublin, a Grade 8 student of Sabrina Ongkiko, the Ateneo graduate who decided to be a public school teacher. Below is a video of her inspiring story.

According to a Facebook post by Sabrina (also known as Teacher Sabs) this Monday, Mark met her that afternoon and she noticed that he is wearing a dirty pair of school pants. Sabs said that the boy is supposed to be Grade 9 but has stopped school for a year, probably due to extreme poverty.

When Ongkiko asked Dublin why his pants are dirty, the boy said he has only one pair of pants. He said he cannot wash them because they have no electric fan to dry them. Sabrina asked him what he will do; Mark said he will just wash it on Saturday. And later, Mark said, “Ma’m, I’m on Top 6 today.”

“Minsan, nalilito ako yung emosyon ko sa batang ito.” Sabrina Ongkiko wrote.

(Sometimes, my emotion is confused with this boy.)

It didn’t take long when Sabrina Ongkiko’s Facebook friends commented on her post. One of them asked her if he can give Mark a pair of new pants as a prize, which Sabs readily said, “Yes.” Another Good Samaritan said she will also give clothes to the poor boy and asked for more details.

According to Ms. Ongkiko, Mark used to have two pair of pants but one of them was destroyed by bullies in school. The 27-year old Ateneo alumna turned public school teacher added that the boy will be very happy to receive new clothes and that he buys clothes for his siblings instead of his own.

Mark Dublin is only one of the many students at Culiat Elementary School, a public school in Quezon City. Instead of pursuing her dream to become a doctor or a nun after she finished BS Biology at the Ateneo de Manila University, Sabrina Ongkiko decided to teach poor children in the country.

Ongkiko joined the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines to have an experience in volunteer work. Shortly after, she attended an Education study scholarship in Singapore. In return, she has to teach in a public school in the Philippines for three years. Since then, she devoted her time to teach poor but bright children.

To understand more of her Teacher Sabs’ selfless effort in teaching public school students, watch her speech at TED Talks at the video below (in Filipino language). If you want to help Mark Dublin and other poor students of Culiat, please don’t hesitate to visit Sabrina Ongkiko’s Facebook page.

“These kids go to school with an empty stomach, and walk far every day. They have big problems at home so sometimes they have to skip school. They seek attention and affirmation.” Ongkiko said in an earlier interview. She has also been featured in various local news and inspirational talks.

“The best part of being a teacher is not when your students tell you, ‘Mam, you’re good.’ It is when they tell you, “Mam, I’m now good. I am now learning.” She added.

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