‘The Price is Right’ Model Manuela Arbelaez Gives Away a Car by Accident (Video)

The Price is Right Model Manuela Arbelaez gives car

April Fool’s Day has just passed, but the recent blooper by “The Price Is Right” model Manuela Arbelaez can still count for giving people a good laugh. Manuela’s blooper happened on Thursday, April 2, when she accidentally revealed the correct answer to a contestant, who effortlessly won a 2015 Hyundai Sonata SE.

As you can see on the video below, show host Drew Carey explains the details to the contestant named Andreas while Manuela is placing the price tags for the Five Price Tags guessing game. The possible prices are $19,849, $21,960, $18,535, $20,700, and $22,679. Andreas has three chances to guess the correct price

The contestant said her first guess was $19,849. But when Manuela Arbelaez pulled out the number and revealed that Andrea’s answer is wrong. But for whatever reason, the “The Price Is Right” model also pulled the card with the $21,960 price tag. It revealed that this was the correct price. The contestant won the car!

Confused and shocked, Manuela tried to return the card but it was too late. All she can do is to cover her mouth with her hands. Drew Carey was also surprised but later couldn’t stop laughing about the incident.

“I won it!” Andrea screamed with excitement. However, she was also surprised with the turn of events.

“Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!” Drew Carey said, and shook the hands of the lovely model.

Manuela, who was very ashamed for her mistake, hides at the back of the card file, as the audience clapped their hands. Andrea raised her hands, while Manuela’s face can be seen still under the state of shock.

“The game is over, folks.” Drew tells the audience, with “The Price Is Right” model still hiding and seems to have no plans of coming out.

Teary eyed and embarrassed, the host was kind enough to support the 26-year-old Colombian beauty and let her out to embrace the winner of the brand new, Hyundai Sonata.

The show was aired live on CBS, with millions of viewers. People started to wonder if her expensive mistake could make her lose her job on the show. But no, Manuela still keeps her job despite giving away the $21,960 car. This funny “The Price Is Right” blooper video immediately went viral on YouTube.

In an interview, Manuela said she apologized for her mistake, adding she didn’t immediately realize that the contestant has still two more guesses to make. And yes, the show producers didn’t require her to pay for the brand new car and she was not even reprimanded at all.

Arbelaez, who has been part of the famous game show for 6 years, even managed to make fun of her own mistake via Twitter.

“I don’t usually give expensive gifts, but when I do is a $21,960 CAR. #YoureWelcomeAndrea #WokeUpFeelingGenerous” Manuela Arbelaez (@manuelaarbelaez) tweeted.

“Hey @Oprah now I know what it feels like to be you! Whenever you feel like giving cars away on the show let me know. @PriceIsRight” She also tweeted.