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James Taylor Cancels Manila Concert Over Concerns for Drug Related EJK Reports

James Taylor decided to cancel his upcoming concert in Manila, and has cited concerns over the

Watch: Baclaran Church Displays Drug Killings Photos During Simbang Gabi, Catholics React (Video)

The Baclaran Church surprised Catholics who attended the early morning mass (Simbang Gabi) this Sunday, December

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Without a doubt, millions of Filipinos around the world are still supporting President Rodrigo Duterte despite

Top 10 Fearless Predictions 2017 for the Philippines Under the Duterte Administration

Without any doubt, year 2016 has been colorful for us Filipinos. First of all, President Rodrigo

Watch: 7 Countries That US is Now Bombing Killing Innocent People, And You Don’t Know About Them (Video)

The US government has been questioning President Rodrigo Duterte in the issue to EJK (extrajudicial killings)

Scary Data of Crime, Rape, and EJK Cases When Sen Leila de Lima Was Still the DOJ Secretary

Senator Leila de Lima started a Senate inquiry on extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in the country, apparently

De Lima Bill Proposes Arresting Police to Use Megaphone, No Firing of Warning Shots

Senator Leila de Lima filed a bill, requiring all PNP (Philippine National Police) officers to use

Watch: Sen Leila de Lima Contradicts Herself on President Duterte’s Statement About Human Rights (Video)

Senator Leila de Lima finds herself in hot water again, after she delivered her speech at

Look How International Media Portrayed “President Duterte Likens to Hitler” (Video)

President Rodrigo Duterte has returned to the Philippines this Friday, September 30 from his two-day visit

Watch: Edgar Matobato Proves to Sen Leila de Lima That He’s Not a Credible Witness (Video)

Edgar Matobato has been showing signs of not being a credible witness on the Senate hearing