Survey: 72% of Facebook Couples Have Lasting Relationships

Facebook couple

Facebook couple Sean O’Brien and Kendra Cowser
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If you are hoping to find your soul mate on Facebook, then here’s a survey that will add hope for you. A recent survey showed that many couples who first met on the social network are actually happily married. Some are still dating, while there are those are already engaged. Only a few of them had a sad ending.

It is a now a fact that besides online dating sites, social media has now also become a romantic place even for those who are not really looking for a special someone. Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are becoming a good place for online relationship and long lasting romance.

According to the latest survey of Facebook, 7,346 out of 10,203 couples (or roughly 72%) who met on their site are now in a very strong relationship. The survey was done to their users who updated their relationship status, which users can choose who they want to share it with.

The couples surveyed are the ones who met on Facebook between January 2008 and December 2013. Facebook noted that the couples who are still in their relationships (not yet married) met later than October 2013. For those who met earlier, only 14% have ended their romance or have divorced.

But as expected, not all couples who met on Facebook had a happy ending. Nevertheless, most of them separated because of various reasons and not because of incompatibility alone. Many of these relationships did not last mainly because their partners have not been honest right from the start.

Apparently, some users (men and women) did not use their real names and photos and their partners only realized this when they agree to meet in person. Facebook did not reveal the country of origin of those couples who separated, but categorized them as female Asians who met male Americans.

Facebook also mentioned that the happy couples belong to the age bracket, 27-46 years old. Most of the couples who had long lasting relationships came from one country, although there were some male Americans and Europeans who married female Asians especially from the Philippines.

In case you’re not yet aware, there are many successful love stories that started from Facebook. One of them are from Sean O’Brien, 32, and Kendra Cowser, 30, who met on Facebook in January 2010. The couple got married on September 14, 2013 and is still going strong.

Based on their story, Sean sent Kendra a friend request although they didn’t know each other. Sean lives near Galva, Illinois, where Kendra lives. She thought they have some mutual friends so she accepted his friend request. Six months later, they started having “constant” online communication.

In today’s digital world, experts are not anymore surprised to hear love stories that started on the Internet especially via social media. After all, true love usually comes from the most expected time and places. However, building a strong relationship involves two important factors – honesty and trust.

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