Starbucks Supervisor Shouts at Customer, Accuses Her of Stealing Straw (Video)

Starbucks Supervisor shouts Chinese Customer

A Starbucks supervisor in New York shouted at a Chinese lady customer in front of other customers, and was captured on cellphone video and went viral on Facebook recently. It turned out that the said worker is accusing the poor customer of stealing a cookie straw, and demanding her to leave the coffee shop.

The viral video was first posted by a certain Pennapa Castro on her Facebook page last Wednesday, May 13. According to her, the incident happened on Tuesday, May 12 at Starbucks coffee shop, located at Grand Ave, 86-51 Broadway Elmhurst, in Queens, New York. She said the angry worker’s name is Melissa.

“Give me the straw! You’re not going to be served here. Bye! Bye! Give me the straw and leave,” The Starbucks employee said on top of her voice, yelling at the Chinese customer and asks a staff to call the cops. When the latter asks if she can talk to the store manager, the same worker said she is the manager.

On Thursday, May 14, the Chinese woman named Ruby Chen confessed that she was the customer the Starbucks worker was shouting at. She said the former took her order of on one Frappuccino and a special straw, adding that she did not hear another worker when she was asked her name to be placed on her cup.

Ms. Chen said the only thing she remembered saying to Melissa was, “Sorry, I don’t hear you but you don’t have to yell.” She said she was opening her reward app on her phone to pay for her order. Then suddenly, the Starbucks worker started to shout at her, accusing Ruby of stealing the straw she was holding.

“Really?! Call me stealing! I felt so bad for what happened, especially nobody I can report her to because she is the manager. I am glad that other customers in store saw how I was treated and told her “you need get fired”. Then she switched target and started to argue with them.” Ruby Chen wrote on her Facebook page.

Starbucks manager shouts Chinese Customer FB message

Ruby Chen thanked the customer who took the video and sent it to her. She added that a Starbucks district manager named Alexis sent her an email the night before she posted her side on Facebook. Ms. Alexis apologized to her on behalf of Starbucks, and told her that Melissa is not a manager, but a shift supervisor.

The Starbucks district manager told Chen that Melissa was fired from her job, and emphasized that the management is doing its best to make sure similar incident will not happen again. The Chinese customer said Ms. Alexis offered her a $100 gift card and promised to her that the issue is being taken seriously.

On the other hand, Starbucks commented of Ruby Chen’s Facebook message and reminded everyone that her bad experience does not represent the service their partners provide to their customers every day. The Strabucks management also confirmed that Mellisa is not working for them anymore.

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