Stage in China Collapses, 80 Choir Members Fall During Performance (Video)

Stage China collapses 80 choir fall

A stage in China collapses, causing an 80-member choir to fall into the ground during their performance. According to the YouTube description uploaded by CCTV, the scary incident happened in Guizhou province last Saturday, May 9, at around 3 p.m. while the choir was rehearsing on stage.

As you can see on the video below, the choir members are all standing on stage of the grand theater while a conductor is guiding them along with a pianist. Some people can be seen going up the stage to join the choir, and there are also some people taking videos near the stage.

But after less than 30 seconds, the stage collapses and the entire choir slowly fell on the floor. The conductor remained standing on stage during the split second accident. You can hear everyone screaming, with some of them immediately rushing to help.

According to CCTV, medical workers arrived quickly and brought the victims to the nearest hospital. There were no casualties, but as of posting, eight people were injured and two of them have serious injury. Local authorities are currently doing a thorough investigation to determine why the stage collapsed.