Spanish Man Apologizes to Filipinos for the Abuses of His Ancestors, Holds Flag, Kneels Down

Meet Jonathan “Johnny” Barnreuther, the missionary from Madrid, Spain who visited the Philippines from April 1 to April 9, 2017. On the last day of his journey, he went to Kawit, Cavite, and personally apologized to the Filipinos for all the wrong doings done by his ancestors when they conquered in the Philippines for more than 3 centuries. Look at his very touching photos below.

“I never thought I would make history like this! I found out that the Spaniards conquered and ruled the Philippines for over 330 years. We stole, abused and murdered. Countries like Japan and the U.S. have sent their leaders to the Philippines in the past to ask for forgiveness for what they have done to this country, but Spain you’ve never sent an official leader to repent.” Barnreuther wrote on Facebook.

“So I got some of the leaders of the region together in the exact location where they gain the full benefits an independent nation over 100 years ago. So, as a Spaniard, I asked for forgiveness for what we as a people have done to them in this historical place!!! Healing of the nations!!!” He added, with one of his photos showing him kneeling in front of them.

In his other photo, Johnny Barnreuther can be seen holding a huge Philippine flag, which he gave to the region leaders before bowing and kneeling before them. But even before tons of Pinoy netizens were touched by his humility, the Spanish man has already visited other regions in the country, spreading the Word of God, as a former missionary from YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

As we all know, Ferdinand Magellan ‘discovered’ the Philippines on March 16, 1521, and was later killed by Lapu-Lapu. Since then, the country became a colony of the Spanish Empire. The Spaniards spread Christianity across the country, but there were abuses especially to women. The Spanish–American War broke out in 1898, Independence Day was declared on June 12, that same year.