SM Mall Store Sale Price Tag Shows Higher Price Than Original? Shoppers, SM Workers React

SM Sale price tag higher price

Whether we like it or not, many Filipinos shoppers are going crazy every time SM Mall stores announce a sale. As customers, we expect items to be cheaper than than they used to be, making us save some money. But do SM Malls really reduce the prices during a sale? Or are they actually selling them with higher prices, and therefore making them earning more profit?

The photo here shows a tampered SM Store price tag, revealing that the supposed former price of the item is lower than the current price. As you can see, the white tag has a price tag of P1,599.70. Apparently, this price is around P800 lower than the P2,400 price marked on the yellow tag, which is on top of the white tag.

Based on the photo description, SM Mall stores allegedly increase the price of the items from P100 to P200 before the date of the sale promo, and then lower them to P125 during the sale dates. The said photo was posted at OFW Family Facebook page last Tuesday, August 11, and has now more than 27,300 Shares and over 2,200 comments.

SM Sale price tag higher price FB

Credit: OFW Family Facebook

According to one female commenter, she used to wait for a 3-day sale at SM Centerpoint when she was still a student. One day, she saw a decoration item worth P100. But when she rushed to the store during the sale, she said saw the item still priced at P100, and was marked at 50% discount, suggesting that the original price is P200.

And while there are also some similar comments, there are some commenters saying that there could be a possible error in the shown price tag, noting that the bar code in the yellow tag is different from the one in the white tag. In addition, netizens who have worked at SM emphasized that the prices of the items are really lower than their original prices.

SM Sale price tag higher price FB comments

Credit: OFW Family Facebook

Likewise, one commenter said her mother worked at SM for more than 20 years. She said that her mom has caught many SM employees cheating on the price tag. In doing so, they can reach their quota, and that their relatives can buy cheaper items. However, she admits that there is no solid evidence once the cheating is done inside the stock room.

What do you think? What’s your experience when shopping during SM Store sale?