Sinkhole in South Korea Swallows Couple, Caught on CCTV (Video)

South Korea sinkhole swallows couple

Screengrab Credit: Yonhap News Agency video

A freak sinkhole in South Korea recently swallowed two bus passengers. The happened on Friday, February 20 near Yongsan Station in Seoul, near a construction site where two 39-storey apartments are being built. The entire incident was captured by the bus CCTV, as shown in the video below.

According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s largest news agency, the said sinkhole is located near a construction site where two 39-storey apartments are being built by Daewoo Engineering & Construction. The fire department said that the construction has been temporarily stopped.

As you can see on the video, a commercial bus stopped beside the street. Passengers started to step out from the bus, but the unsuspecting couple suddenly plummeted down the sinkhole. The other passengers were shocked a man (presumably the bus driver) came to check the victims down the hole.

The victims were immediately rescued and brought to the nearest hospital. The identities of the man and woman were not revealed, and they suffered from small bruises and minor injuries. Daewoo is being set to be held responsible for the sinkhole that caused the incident.

The sinkhole reportedly measures 5 meters wide and 10 feet deep. Seoul Metropolitan City officials and the Korean Geotechnical Society members are now joining forces in investigating how the sinkhole was created. As of posting, no other sinkhole has been discovered.



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