Senyora Santibanez Facebook Page Now Down for Being Duterte Supporter, Politically Motivated?

The official Facebook page of Senyora Santibañez has been taken down for several hours now. It appears that it is because she is one of the huge supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte since the election campaign. Nevertheless, she sent a message telling the public that the incident could be politically motivated, and blamed supporters of a political party.

“Na-abisuhan ako last month na mag-ingat daw sa mga pinopost dahil may plano daw i-take down ng mga (Ayoko man gamitin yujng term na ito pero totoo pala) “Dilawan” ang mga pro-Duterte na page!” Senyora Santibañez wrote in a message now being shared on Facebook, particularly by Thinking Pinoy, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Mocha Uson.

According to Senyora, she got surprised one morning upon learning that her Facebook page was ‘Unpublished’ and is therefore not visible on the social network. Apparently, no specific reason was mentioned in the Notice, except that her Facebook page has been reported as not following the Terms and Community Standards of the social network.

Senyora, who has over 2 million Facebook followers, added that the same mass-report has also happened to other celebrity Duterte supporters. To show support, Sass Rogando Sasot is now encouraging netizens to send a message to Katie Harbath, Global Politics and Government Outreach Director at Facebook to re-instate Senyora’s Facebook page.

Sasot said she believes that Senyora’s Facebook page has been mass-reported, and that the incident was politically motivated because it is an openly supporter of President Duterte. She added that a publishing company compiled her famous and funny posts, and published them via the book, ‘Lakompake,’ which enjoyed huge sales in local bookstores.

As of posting, Senyora Santibañez Facebook page is still de-activated and she is only using her Twitter account to update her 3.39 million Twitter followers. Despite being sarcastic in her social media accounts, her brand of humor has made her famous. Nevertheless, her followers still continue to support her, suggesting that they are learning a lot from her.