Senator Lito Lapid Files Bill Granting Citizenship to Abandoned Child with Unknown Parents

Senator Lito Lapid Grace Poe

Senator Lito Lapid filed a bill on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 to grant citizenship to foundlings, or abandoned child with unknown parents. Needles to say, the best example today is none other than Senator Grace Poe, the adopted daughter of the later movie king Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ) and veteran actress, Susan Roces.

According Senator Lapid’s Senate Bill 2844 (also known as Foundling Recognition Act of 2015), the foundling shall be recognized as a child of the person who found him or her, once the bill is enacted into law. In the case of Senator Grace Poe, she was reportedly found in a church in Iloilo when she was a baby.

“A child of married parents is legitimate while those born out of wedlock are illegitimate. Though born illegitimate, a child may bear the father’s name. Children of Filipino parents are citizens of the Philippines.” Senator Lito Lapid wrote on his bill, posted at the official website of the Senate of the Philippines.

“But how about infants left to be found in the doors of churches and trash cans, which have been common nowadays? What about those children who have been abandoned who never had any idea of how their parents look lest knew the identities of the people who brought them to life?” The senator added.

“This measure seeks to correct the inequity created by irresponsible parents who chose to abandon their child to live with undefined status in the society,” Senator Lapid wrote on the last part, emphasizing that it would be unfair for the foundlings if this opportunity will not be given to them.

“A foundling shall be recognized as the child of the founder from the time of his birth, provided that the foundling has lived and depended with the founder until the foundling reaches the age of majority; and provided further that the founder and the foundling has conducted as and made known themselves to be parent and child to their community. If the founder is married at the time the foundling was discovered, the foundling shall be considered the child of the founder and his spouse.” Section 3 of the bill said.

For the effective implemention of the law, the action star-turned-politician noted that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) should work together. Lapid is known to be grateful to FPJ for giving him breaks in the movies.

In the coming 2016 election, Lapid is set to run for mayor in Angeles City in Pampanga. He has served as the senator for 12 years, vice governor of Pampanga from 1992 to 1995, and governor of Pampanga from 1995 to 20014. On the other hand, his son, Mark Lapid, the former governor of Pampanga, will run for senator. Senator Lito Lapid says he will support Senator Grace Poe in case she runs for president.

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