Sen Trillanes Doubles Security Due to ‘Threat’, But Says President Duterte Will Soon Lose Supporters

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said he decided to double his security personnel because he has been receiving information that there is physical threat against him. Nevertheless, the soldier-turned-politician said he believes that the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte is bound to end soon because his 16-million supporters are now slowly leaving him.

“Right now, based on the information being given to us by people within the Duterte administration, they’re trying to fabricate evidence also, manufacture cases,” Sen. Trillanes told ANC’s Beyond Politics, who has been a huge critic of President Duterte. He is currently under the Nacionalista Party which is allied with the opposition, Liberal Party (LP).

“And in at least three sources, I was told that something bad might happen to me actually, physically…The online [threats], you can mute that out altogether. The physical part, you’ll just have to make sure you double-up on your security arrangements.” Trillanes added. But in the same interview, he said President Duterte’s popularity will eventually end.

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“The thing with a very popular president is people would give him always some leeway, the benefit of the doubt but eventually it will wear out. And the truth, once it’s pounded on them and once they realize, then things will change.” He said, noting that the number of EJKs (extrajudicial killings) is rapidly increasing, and is destroying the president’s image to the masses.

“As you’ve been noticing lately, the voices, the dissenting voices are getting louder everyday. Maraming nagsasalita. And ganun yun eh. Traditionally kung nasaan yung taumbayan, nandodoon yung mga politiko. Meron lang mga trailblazers, so to speak.” Trillanes added, emphasizing that many lawmakers are now privately speaking against Duterte.

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“He (President Duterte) is behind these killings and that’s the primary difference. The ordinary people, the media tend to look at him as a normal politician but in my eyes, I see a monster…Remember, 2019 is the midterm elections, so probably the senators who intend to run again in 2019 would carefully calibrate their positions.” He said further.

Note: We will do our best to include the video of the entire interview once it becomes avaialable.



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