Sen Leila de Lima Reacts on President Duterte’s Accusation of Having an Affair With Driver (Video)

Senator Leila de Lima immediately reacted on the accusations of President Rodrigo Duterte that a lady senator is having an affair with her driver. The president attacked the lawyer in his speech during the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s 115th service anniversary in Camp Crame. this Wednesday, August 17. Watch the video below.

“And here is a senator complaining. When one day I will tell you that her driver herself, who was also her lover, was the one also collecting money for her during the campaign. Here is an immoral woman… In so far as the wife of the driver is concerned, it’s adultery.” President Duterte revealed during his speech in front of the PNP officials.

“Here is a woman who funded the house of her lover and yet we do not say any complaint about it. Those money came readily from drugs. The intercept between Muntinlupa and the driver were far beyond, making sure that somebody was involved. In fairness, I will never say here that the driver gave the money to her but from the looks of it, she has it.” He added.

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President Duterte noted that the said lady senator once initiated an investigation when he was still the mayor of Davao City, linking him to the series of extrajudicial killings allegedly made by the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS). The angry president emphasized that this woman still keeps on yakking up to now, politicking and posturing against him.

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As a response, Sen. Leila de Lima accused President Duterte of character assassination. The neophyte senator stressed out that she and the president are both professionals, and added a leader like him should not attack her personal life. And although teary-eyed, the former Justice secretary and CHR chair said that she will not be intimidated by this issue.

“Ang first reaction ko ngayon, ayaw ko nang patulan yan. I don’t want to dignify that. It’s so foul. It’s character assassination. Saan man nanggaling yang information na yan, sana dino-double check, sana inaalam ang source…Hindi po ako matitinag,” Sen. Leila de Lima told reporters during the Senate session break on the same day,



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