Sen Leila de Lima: Evidence Against Me is Fake, Just Like Sec Aguirre’s Wig

Senator Leila de Lima said that the alleged evidence against her is fake, just like the wig of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II. She made this strong remarks this Tuesday, September 27, as her response to the DOJ secretary’s announcement that they now have direct evidences linking her to illegal drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

“Secretary Aguirre’s alleged evidence against me is like his toupee, his wig – fake and cosmetics only. There is nothing into it other than that. Nothing’s authentic. What is real, however, are the killings. What is tragic is that these killings continue unabated,” Sen De Lima said, accusing President Rodrigo Duterte as behind of all these actions against her.

“At this point, the Justice Department should instead focus its efforts on investigating and prosecuting the syndicates – the real culprits – who force these minors to go into drug pushing,” The troubled neophyte senator added, noting that 20,584 minors have already been exploited into use and selling of illegal drugs, and that syndicates should be stopped.

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As a counter reaction, Sec. Aguirre told reporters that Sen. De Lima is now running out of excuses that led her to make such personal attacks against him. The DOJ secretary also crtiized the lady senator for saying that their witnesses were pressured and tortured before they testified against her, noting that she has not a single evidence to prove her claims.

Aguirre also offered immunity of Ronnie Dayan, De Lima’s alleged former driver-lover in exchange to his testimony to the Congress against the former DOJ secretary. Once he agrees, Dayan will be placed under WPP (Witness Protection Program), provided that he will reveal the truth about De Lima’s alleged link to illegal drugs trade inside the Bilibid.

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This Monday, President Duterte said that Sen. De Lima will surely land in jail, adding that multiple charges against her will immediately be filed against her right after the House hearing is done. The tough-talking president noted that it was De Lima who started it all, when she conducted an investigation on the series of extrajudicial killings in Davao City.