Sen Leila de Lima Denies Sucide Attempt Reports, “If I Die Inside Prison, Duterte Ordered me Killed”

Senator Leila de Lima categorically denied reports saying that she attempted to commit suicide inside her cell at the PNP Custodial Center, in Camp Crame. In her statement this Saturday, March 4, the jailed senator blamed fake news websites for spreading lies, adding that if she dies inside the prison, President Rodrigo ordered the killing.

“These have been spread in fake pro-Duterte news sites and reinforced by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s statement that I should be detained in a mental hospital instead of the PNP Custodial Center.” Sen de Lima said in a statement, posted at her official Facebook page, adding that their purpose is to condition the minds of public that she had lost her mind.

“I definitely do not feel secure and safe inside Duterte’s prisons. If I die inside Duterte’s prisons it is not because I committed suicide, but it is because the President has finally ordered me killed. In the unfortunate event that I die in prison, you all know who my murderer is.” The detained senator added, noting that she is healthy and has no reason to commit suicide.

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Nevertheless, De Lima said that she might be killed just like what happened to Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was killed inside his cell last November. The Liberal Party (LP) senator added that authorities will make it appear that she committed suicide, citing Alvarez’ statement that she should be sent to a mental hospital instead of prison.

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Meanwhile, among the news websites that report the supposed suicide attempt of Sen de Lima inside her cell are and Interestingly, both fake news reports cited an unnamed official from the PNP Custodial Center as their source of information. Both also said that the lady senator was immediately rushed to a hospital.



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